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Powerful encryptor
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@ebest sure is powerful! (I realise this isn't the sole purpose of encoding, just intrigued)

Word Generating AI [COMPLETE]
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Hey, @KiKUP . I love the idea of this, make sure to update the post as I can't wait for the finished version.
Just a heads up:

Omni - A Virtual Assistant
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This is really exceptional. Although some inputs aren't accepted, overall this is great and performs well. I also got the voice input working. Nicely done, @cloud9c !

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Hi @mkhoi , although random is still random, any information which is sensitive should be using the secrets module. The module generates "cryptographically" strong random numbers.
import secrets
secret = secrets.randbelow(10)

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@ebest extreme data:

GuessThePassword [SS]
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@ebest Yup, meant to be. ;)

Unbeatable Tic Tac Toe
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Very nice, still haven't beat it yet. Must be doing something right...!