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Santafy your images 🎅
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Weekly Repls #22
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@theangryepicbanana The the game Vandesm14 made, I don't explicitly call it that

SOLVED: Why does this say it's invalid syntax?
posted to Ask by JAGMAN248

On line 66, you forgot to end it with a second ). Tip: If you can't find the issue with the current line in syntax errors, look at the couple of lines before it.

Python or not? please any information would do.
posted to Ask by bion0

Python is a great language, but choose whatever you want! Each language has it's own advantages and disadvantages. If you like Python, go for it. But if you want to try any other languages, that's perfectly fine too.

Role Play Game
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We would love to help! However the repl you provided doesnt have any code. If you comment a link to the repl you're using, we'd be glad to help you.

Python GUI
posted to Ask by dylanharding33

Remi is a library that acts like a GUI, and has similar syntax. However, it makes a website that have the GUI on it, instead of opening a window. This works great with! I should note, despite what the repository says, it doesn't work on firefox, however it's perfectly fine with chrome.

Game Tutorial: Canyon Runner
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This is a great game! However it's had it's time under the sun. I hope everyone enjoyed this project, because I know I did! Anyways, I'll be unpinning this now, but that doesn't mean you can still find it! Thanks @ericqweinstein for this amazing game!

First Official Art: MULTIPLAYER
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Looks really sweet!

random.choice() not working properly. (Python)
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You forgot to add end quotes to each option. It should be ['Short pass', 'Long Pass', 'Run']. Good luck on your project!

Integer and Algebra calculator
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Nice, well done guys!

Can substitute a code editor like PyCharm?
posted to Ask by LeonGrin

Your IDE doesn't prevent you from learning important skills used in the work force, so by all means, continue with! If a work place requires a certain text editor or IDE then that's fine, but you'll still be able to use the skills you've gained from

Import code files to repl
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You can upload files from your computer into a repl, and then have your students fork the repl, so each receives the same copy.

I made Tetris in a python terminal and its as bad as you think (need help with flickering screen)
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This is really cool! If were to increase the speed of the screen clearing, it would work perfectly. Try this in you're computer's console, and replace replt.clear with os.system("cls") if on windows, and os.system("clear") for linux.

Import other repls!
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@JayBFC you got it 😉

How to include a display for pyGame in repl?
posted to Ask by MaxwellArchibal

Sorry, but pygame is not supported. If you wish to create some form of GUI, you should checkout the remi project

Connecting to a GitHub repo?
posted to Ask by CaptainAnon

Not at the moment, however don't worry! This feature is planned and being developed as we speak.

Not a coding question (for once)
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What about "12.43".split(".")[1][0]?

Find The Mean Of A List Of Numbers
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@DanielSchumache Oh right, I assumed you might want to use it more. But great job, I really enjoyed it :P

Find The Mean Of A List Of Numbers
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You can use the built-in len function to get the length of a list. len(my_list)

Nintendo Badge Arcade Simulator
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By the way, you can use os.system("clear") to clear the screen!

Thread with the best bots
posted to Ask by amasad

This is a bot I made that uses disco-py. It's for a video game called MTGPQ, and allows for people to lookup cards, just like the mtg bot on reddit using [[card name]].

I also started working on a discord library for python for a while, but it became messy and I didn't want to refactor it. However it does work, and you can find "discordy" here

Repl talk
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Ha, clever. However I don't think people would understand exactly what it was, simply from that name.

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Let your hacktober PRs be test fail free and flake8 compliant.

Turned Based Combat
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Nice, although, you shouldn't use global statements in that context, it's completely unnecessary.

How do I use pyglet module in python?
posted to Ask by Meepcom

@21natzil Might I suggest trying out remi? It has the syntax of a GUI, but will make it as an http server, which can host.

Blue the Chatbot (in progress)
posted to Ask by SpicyRice

Because your responses are the same for some messages, I'd suggest having lists of the same types of message ("Hi", "hello", etc), then check if the message was in the list, and respond. I'm not great with ruby, but in python it would be

reply = "Hi"
greetings = ["Hello", "Hi", "hey"]
if reply in greetings:
  print("Hello. How are you today?")

This makes the code DRY (Don't repeat yourself), a very important concept in computer science.

Repl.It CodeJam Event #3
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As a side note: at least 1 member of your group MUST be on the discord server!

posted to Ask by DEEPBHATT

First of all, you used { and } when you should have used ( and ).
You then tried to add an integer to the string, which isn't possible. You'd have to use .format or convert it to str.
Lastly, you never added the operator in front of months, so the variable is just there, and python doesn't know why.

20 Questions code in Python?
posted to Ask by csteacher17

I don't have the code, but maybe this will help you make it. Q20 uses a binary search algorithm, which actually is much simpler then it sounds. This site has an example: