Nathan Zilora

@21natzil (1025) • Repl.it University
A repl.it discord and repl talk moderator! I love bit manipulation and I'm interested in cyber security and data science.
Where did Nathan go?
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Nathan here, don't worry! I'm perfectly fine, although I appreciate the concern. While I do make the newsletters, I didn't make the Run on Repl.it feature , so it wouldn't be very fair for me to send out that email under my name.

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@meekell sounds good

What to expect from Repl.it in 2020
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I can't say much about the website, I'll leave that to @amasad. For the community, however, the discord will be doing more code jams, we just started a new challenge on Repl Talk, and there may or may not be a(n) <redacted> just around the corner...

Where did Nathan go?
posted to Ask by BenOfWillis

@Water_Wizard Glad to hear it! The next newsletter should be out sometime this week!

Repl.it + Git Tutorial
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@TheDrone7 Sorry, but not yet! This is something we're working on however.

Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
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🎉 Announcing about:you; !🎉

But @enigma_dev, where do I submit my project?

Connecting repl.it to a GitHub repo?
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Not at the moment, however don't worry! This feature is planned and being developed as we speak.

Accidentally deleted repl too early
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Your code has been restored!

Repl.it Forker!
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@PierceMason I'm not sure, repl.it has changed a lot sense then. Try tracking the requests send in your browser through developer tools, and try to recreate it. That's how I first did it!

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Hello! Moderators are selected by the repl.it team when we feel we need one. We'll contact you if we would like you to be a mod.

Play sound in a repl with Python
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Sorry, but repl.it does not support sound at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience. This feature is planned and will be added in time.

Halloween Challenge (1 day only!) 🎃🎃🎃
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@MatthewDoan1 Congratulations! You're the winner of the Halloween challenge!

How do I find a friend on repl?
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Not at the moment, sorry. You can either ask them to share their profile link, or go to https://repl.it/@profile-name. For example, https://repl.it/@21natzil

A lot of things
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I'll try to remember replitears for the weekly repls. 😉

Python GUI
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Remi is a library that acts like a GUI, and has similar syntax. However, it makes a website that have the GUI on it, instead of opening a window. This works great with repl.it! I should note, despite what the repository says, it doesn't work on firefox, however it's perfectly fine with chrome.

The Repl.it Chrome Extension 🌐
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Looks awesome, maybe porting to Firefox next?

Game Tutorial: Canyon Runner
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This is a great game! However it's had it's time under the sun. I hope everyone enjoyed this project, because I know I did! Anyways, I'll be unpinning this now, but that doesn't mean you can still find it! Thanks @ericqweinstein for this amazing game!

Python or not? please any information would do.
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Python is a great language, but choose whatever you want! Each language has it's own advantages and disadvantages. If you like Python, go for it. But if you want to try any other languages, that's perfectly fine too.

Array doubt
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What an array, or list means, greatly depends on the language. Let's say we're talking about python. Lists are, lists, simple as that. But if someone says array, they could actually mean a list, and their just calling it that because they come from another language. Or, they actually are talking about arrays, and are most likely talking about numpy.array. NumPy is a very popular module for doing complex math in python, and people that use numpy pretty much always use it's array class. I hope this helps clear up some confusion!

💡 UI Repl
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Very nice, it feels really clean!

Play sound in a repl with Python
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@RojerGS When creating a website on repl.it, you're only restricted by your browser. When working with Python / Pygame repls, sound is not supported, sorry for the confusion.

Developer Spotlight: Jake Cooper
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@rediar For persistent storage. EasyDB is more designed to be a temporary storage system, for things like testing, and maybe running tests.

Handling Infinite Loops with Backpressure
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Perfect, this is exactly what the terminal needed!

What are the top programming languages do you want to learn in 2020?
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I want to learn Go, as I'm not very familiar with staticly typed languages and I feel Go is a good place to start.

Is it possible to use python's socket library in repl.it?
posted to Ask by ETHANSIAO

Yes, and no. Yes you can create sockets, and they will behave normally. The problem with your code is that you're using gethostname. Replace that with "" which means it will bind to the computer, but be accessible externally. The reason I say no, is that whenever you open a socket and bind it to the repl, repl.it is tricked into thinking you started an HTTP server (A web server). It will then start requesting your website, which may cause issues with your code. It will also convert any request other people made to the repl into HTTP.