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8D_Joe_Efretuei (75)
What is your number (you don't have to say)
Wassup my G's i have some very interesting piece of code here try it. It's free
8D_Joe_Efretuei (75)
Even Hunter
This is some great piece of code and will tell you if any number is even or not. Feel free to use it and remember to UPVOTE!
8D_Joe_Efretuei (75)
Tic Tac Toe (2 player)
This is Tic Tac Toe made on python it is 2 players only, Comment down below if there are any problems with the code. And remember to Upvote if you enj...
8D_Joe_Efretuei (75)
Dividing the impossible
Some more beginner level code for you too try we are aiming for at least 50 UPVOTES and feel free to use this code.
8D_Joe_Efretuei (75)
Some more beginner level code here feel free to use it. LETS TRY BOMB 100 UPVOTES!
8D_Joe_Efretuei (75)
Think of a number....
Wassup guys. I have some more fantastic piece of code for you check out. Remember if i get the number you guessed right, UPVOTE ME.