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I like coding Python! Will try to help if anyone has any questions about Python, but I'm not experienced with any other programs.
Python or not? please any information would do.
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Lots of people go with Python to begin with, and it's relatively easy to understand, with lots of similarities to American English. I would recommend it, but there are also lots of other programming languages, such as JavaScript, C/C++/C#, etc. that are also good to learn.

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@bigheart2018 If you haven't worked it out yet, here is the code you should be using:

print("Lesson 6: Loops")
for x in range(0,10):

Note that I am using an underscore next to 'print(x)'. Replace that with an indent (I'm only using them because you can't indent in these comments using spaces)

What are floats in python?
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Floats work similarly to decimals. Integers cannot have any decimal places, whereas floats are always displayed with at least one (if there are none specified, a '.0' will be added at the end).