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Born June 30th, 2002
Zombies // An endless survival game
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@LiamSchenck Yeah, I was playing on this page. I think the up down movement is default everywhere on the internet, but playing on the repl page itself worked fine.

Zombies // An endless survival game
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I think this game is pretty fun. The tutorial really helps. Kinda sucks how when I move up and down so does my web page, but that's negligible. Check out our game, called VOL, its pretty challenging too.

VOL 2D V 1.0
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FIXEDHey guys. For some reason, Repl can't keep the game alive without me keeping it up all the time. Another thing is if people do want to play, y'all have to take turns. We'll do our best to fix things, however we don't really know how to start. If anyone has any advice, that'd be greatly appreciated. (R) to restart.

-DAD team.

The Price of Adventure (Game Jam)

Oh my god I wish my game operated like yours, this is so crisp and clean I love it.

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The archer won't stop healing >.<
I like this game a lot, however, I'd try to implement more colors in your attacks to make it even more visually amazing.

THE WACKY WARRIOR 🤪😵🙃!!! (v1.0)
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I like it so far. I'd recommend using slowprint on those paragraphs, so you can read as the story prints out. Check out The Oregon Trail Rework submission to get a better idea.

VOL 2D V 1.0
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@AbrahamTinajero If nothing works, fork it.

Duel Snakes!
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Pretty good start for a slither.io clone. It does move a bit fast for my pace, so I'd recommend slowing down the frame rate to make it easier to move the snakes. Try out our game, called VOL.

story game
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This is a pretty cool concept. The idea of using text that auto forwards to introduce story elements is something I wish my group could have done. Cool game, but I'd recommend adding some elements of choice, like multiple dialogue options if certain numbers are chosen. My game is called VOL, and it uses Pygame too.

The Fishing Game
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Do you ever plan on making the game more visual? 2D is cool, however being able to see the regions and fish would make the experience so much better. Like remaking the game? My group made a pygame game as well, however, we sacrificed good story mechanics for visuals.

The Big City V1.3, a remake of the fishing game!
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This is pretty cool and fun. Fun to see different interpretations of different games.

VOL 2D V 1.0
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@amasad Thanks! What do you think about our game so far?