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True Love Scanner
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Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, not sure how true love relates... was your uncle depressed over a relationship? (sorry if I'm prying here)

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This could be the chance for Ethan to hit 100 cycles

cannot see the console and result bars and cannot switch from console to result compiler
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If you mean these:

you won't see them because you're on a generic python window (see niorgs answer below). The result/console are only separated on a few repl types because it makes sense to do so - like websites are displayed on the result and then you can see what's going on in the console if you needed to debug.

🎉 Announcing about:you; !🎉

@21natzil I feel like this question was staged

easy database
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I assume data doesn't persist :(
Edit: 699 upvotes !?

How to Get Cycles
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Wow! Your level of writing skill has surpassed your ability to write amazing code!

colorful double helix
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nice :D I would add the middle bars as well (like the nitrogenous bases stuff)

#WEEKLY 17 Fibbonacci
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@JosephSanthosh uh it does works and the loop is not involved in the sequence's calculation

At Home Students Code Jam
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What's the theme though (Discord is down 4 me)
Edit: got it running

A Python Fishtank
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that probably took a while to make :D

How did I get to 1401 cycles?
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@CodingCactus ok the real question is who is the top guy

colorful double helix
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@procoder165 if you look at it the right way it looks like it's spinning

Repl Appreciation
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Repl is life

Vibe Checker
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would add some sort of loop to continue after doing a task

free shell accounts for developer's -- my biggest project
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that's a nice design but I would probably up the opacity a bit

I need some feed back
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? Tell me when you're done updating and I'll take a look :)

[WARNING: ONE LINE POST] Code Golf: 99 Bottles (JS: 182 bytes)
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Play with legos!
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kind of confusing but cool

Repl Inside a repl
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@MrEconomical inception

Help please.
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jsonstore or firebase is the way to go (while firebase may not be secure if you don't know node.js its great for html repls starting off)

At Home Students Code Jam
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who won ^w^

owo translator
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2K Cycle + End of School Special!!! 🎉🎉
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@sugarfi @Bookie0 I'd be happy to take this discussion further on the discord that would be great


Before we engage in a little debate, we should agree on a couple of things:

  • at the moment cycles are worthless
  • cycles are used to show appreciation, and are given voluntary


Make my repls more better. This means trying to improve the quality so people stop complaining how I spam (lol)

If you recognize that people call your posts spam, you may also what to consider why. Many people actually like the quality and the effort you invest into posts, but adding a "compulsory you must upvote because it is caring" is not really a great way for people to express their appreciation. In addition, I am assuming we all agree cycles are almost worthless, meaning some people can care about your post in other ways - like leaving meaningful comments or sharing it with others.

People who make good content (like yourself), usually get the reputation and credit they deserve. If you aren't getting the appropriate coverage you hope your project to achieve, then consider being more proactive about spreading your project around. You can further promote your project on Replit Discord or spread it around on other platforms like Twitter. Please note, however, that I am not encouraging meaningless advertising.

Social Media

Although I do not speak for the software engineers working at this great company, Replit is inherently a community of programmers, and is not intended to be some ripoff facebook. However, Replit does have a social media platform integrated into it, so it would be worth while looking at the psychology of asking of an upvote. You're essentially asking more of the viewer, distracting from their experience of looking at your content. While there could be benefit to yourself, it is detrimental to the person looking at your projects. At least consider asking for "cycles" after the person has viewed the project. A viewer is not obligated to upvote, they should give upvotes based on the project's merit and not because they are asked to do so.

This is not to say asking for cycles is bad. However, I highly suggest making more in depth projects (projects that aren't posted within the span of several days, but projects that have been in the making for weeks) and seeking other ways to promote your project.

⌨️ HyperTyper: Ultimate Typing Test ⌨️
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Obviously, I rank first for wpm

Fluid Simulator - Google's Liquidfun
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ngl I'm pretty sure if you tried hard enough you could conceivably make something similar without basing it on something.

Clicker Game In HTML!
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{{ template_jam }} results!

@TheDrone7 not fair you get to vote on locked boards

How To Make A True Coding Language: Part 1
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if you think about it most of the "fake languages" are actually languages,they're just implemented very poorly. It's literally like me ragging on you for not separating the lexer and tokenizer because they're completely different.

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I feel like... if you used express all of those file types could have been avoided by setting the static settings to the folder containing all of the files