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easy database
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I assume data doesn't persist :(
Edit: 699 upvotes !?

Clicker Game In HTML!
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would add some sort of loop to continue after doing a task

Challenge 1
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Uh well repl doesn't actually just revolve around the challenges, so I'd contact who you registered with (like a teacher)

🎉 Announcing about:you; !🎉

@21natzil I feel like this question was staged

colorful double helix
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nice :D I would add the middle bars as well (like the nitrogenous bases stuff)

colorful double helix
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@procoder165 if you look at it the right way it looks like it's spinning

Repl Appreciation
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Repl is life

configure run button??
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When you press "run with repl" or "import repo", you will be given a repl project. You can either manually configure this run feature yourself or do the very lazy way.

Usually, repl will auto detect the language. If not, simply type in the language yourself (under the lang="manually write this language in repl file")
Depending on the language, you may not need to configure the repl "run" thing. If it's node.js and there is an index.js present, you can literally delete the replit file once the language is set (lazy way). On the other hand, some repos don't have an index.js and instead have somewhere in the documentation npm run dev or a host of weird commands. This is where the "run" thing comes in. Basically copy and paste all of those npm things, and if there happens to be like 10, then separate each one with &&.

Edit: my information may or may not be accurate

Grades Clicker (Re-post)
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It got taken down the first time because you intentionally made several alt accounts in order for the project to gain popularity.

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@AndersonLee that's not possible. just press the upvote button again if you want to retract your vote.

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this is addicting

[HTML] How to add elements with absolute position relative to their parent?
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I don't believe grid support on browsers is universal/there is a good standard. Until then, I would make use of nested flex box layouts.

I need some feed back
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? Tell me when you're done updating and I'll take a look :)

losing folders and work
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I highly recommend either connecting the project to Github or periodically downloading all files. If it does continually "save", just reload the page and you should be fine (but I'd just download/copy the most important edits you made into a document as a precaution).

A Python Fishtank
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that probably took a while to make :D

HTML/JS/CSS Save data
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I highly suggest using local storage, which is based on the client. It also means nothing is hidden, and local storage can be cleared as easily as clearing history (clearing history does clear local storage) Meaning I would never ever store something important there. But if it's for input boxes, local storage is definitely the way to go (meaning you don't have to create some random server and trouble yourself).

How to Use

Here are the basics:

window.localStorage.setItem('item_to_set', 'value');
//saves 'value' to 'item_to_set'

localStorage.setItem will allow you to set something into local storage as well, but adding the window. part adds more specification.

let item_to_set = window.localStorage.getItem('item_to_set')

We can retrieve data from local storage using getItem. Typically, we also include some kind of fall back, like

let item_to_set = window.localStorage.getItem('item_to_set') || "hi" 

item_to_set will equal "hi" if the item we are trying to retrieve from local storage doesn't exist.

Lastly, you can clear local storage with localStorage.clear(). The end. :P

Cash Clicker
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I'm just happy for you for not using JQuery. Learning Vanilla JS fills in a lot of gaps.

Vibe Checker
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I feel like... if you used express all of those file types could have been avoided by setting the static settings to the folder containing all of the files

Repl Inside a repl
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@MrEconomical inception

Help please.
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jsonstore or firebase is the way to go (while firebase may not be secure if you don't know node.js its great for html repls starting off)

Fluid Simulator - Google's Liquidfun
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@mwilki7 physics 2 scary 4 me even though I'm taking it next year

file wont open
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@jlwatki7 forking is basically pressing a button that clones the entire project.

Fluid Simulator - Google's Liquidfun
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ngl I'm pretty sure if you tried hard enough you could conceivably make something similar without basing it on something.

Repl Place 2
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Oh great.

I just [REDACTED] my dog

Does .replignore or .replitignore or even .XXXXXXignore exist in
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I think gitignore files are added to repositories but I'm not sure why you'd want to intentionally label a file as unnecessary.

sorry i wasnt here today tomf
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@TaylorLiang it happened a while ago. I have no clue who kittcat is.

sorry i wasnt here today tomf
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@TaylorLiang well not in this case

sorry i wasnt here today tomf
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@TaylorLiang actually I recommended repl to a friend and I recently found him