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Repl.it Desktop 😯
posted to Ask by PDanielY

There is already an electron app for repl.
Currently it is functional, even though leon hasnt been working on it recently.

Hello from Repl.it's newest designer!
posted to Announcements by tangert

Welcome! Nice change. Wonder if you could make something for .env files? maybe like a lock would be cool. Great change though.

Explanation of what's going on

@bittybith they were banned from the replit server, at least on this account...

Explanation of what's going on

@k9chelsea2 me too, I just blocked them

Importing files as modules
posted to Ask by Electrosolt

import <filename without extension>
here is an example: https://repl.it/@AllAwesome497/Business-Man-6

Cycle Finder
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New in Basic: Sound, high resolution, and clean syntax
posted to Share by amasad

@JordanDixon1 You can! I have a post here detailing it.

Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
posted to Announcements by mat1

@Scoder12 yeah. Bummer i didn't have the time to work on it after i initially wrote it.

How long do replit projects stay up?
posted to Ask by phylo

Repl accounts are permanent. What you might be confused with is how long servers stay up. Servers stay up for 30 minutes after the website is visited. The website, though will always be up.

App of the Week #1
posted to Announcements by PDanielY

@amasad Thank you. And thanks to everyone else.

Edhesive Assignment 5 help
posted to Ask by jedifan65

Instead of pasting the code here, link the repl to the post. Dong so not only makes it readable, but it also lets us see firsthand and easily fork+edit it, so that we can better help you.

Circle Pixel Editor [ONLY CIRCLES]
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but its fine

MaxDonalds: McDonalds Simulator
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One word:

New Programer
posted to Ask by RianScott

Have fun with it. when u learn something new, think of annother way u could use it, do more than what the tutorial says. customize it.

Database-Like File
posted to Ask by KiKUP

@KiKUP ok. If u want it hidden to other users:
1) make a file named .env
2)add import ast to the beginning of your code
3) Read the file:

with open('.env', 'r') as f:
    <item name> = ast.literal_eval(f.read())

4)Write data into file:

with open('.env', 'w') as f:
    f.write(str(<item name>))

here's an example of something I did with this: https://repl.it/@AllAwesome497/LOL-Bot

How to paste?
posted to Ask by mkhoi

@mkhoi ok then ctrl/cmd +v should paste. Shift right clicking might show paste idk

WHy is not working?
posted to Ask by AlexIsRapling

Your problem is at line 11, where you forgot to indent if input() == "3":, to fix this, simply put 2 spaces at the beginning of the line.

Sound? (Python 3)
posted to Ask by Vorden999

If it is a terminal game, then no, sound is currently not supported. If it is on a site though, then yes, you can.

How do we request a free premium account for our college?
posted to Ask by misterhtmlcss

Hey. I'll point some team members your way. Right now, they are likely all asleep (i think it's 4:42 am rn in san francisco) so ur night be a while.

Giving upvotes
posted to Ask by userSM

This system wouldnt work though - that would mean that there is a limited amount of upvotes and it would discourage upvoting in general. The infra for this would also be very complicated, I can't see this happening.

App of repl.it
posted to Ask by kiwonok

Like @PDanielY said, @Kognise is already making an app for repl.it. It's in react JS, and you could ask him if u can help, if you want to help him with that.

random integer
posted to Ask by AnnaBuell

This is how you get a random number:

import random  # At the beginning of the file
random_number = random.randint(<lowest number>, <highest number>)  # Choose a number between arg 1 and arg 2, includes the top and bottom numbers
keeps saying functions arent defined
posted to Ask by james21215

Btw, if u provide the link to the repl, if we click on it it will open a little window to it, which makes it more readable, and allows us to see the exact error,
and edit a forked version of it.

posted to Ask by Pythonier

if you are on the repl.it discord server [email protected] someone on replit team with a link to your template repl, if not, probably email [email protected]. Edit: Timchen says that he wil be making a template soon, and it will be announced at talk/announcements

Accidentally deleted an IMPORTANT repl
posted to Ask by kckusal

Contact [email protected](probably would be best if u used your email u are singed in as, or if you have signed up with social Meha , use the email u used for that) say your username, and the name of the repl you want restored, and (ofc) ask for it to be restored.

Database-Like File
posted to Ask by KiKUP

What language? If u know how to do it make a file called .env

posted to Ask by mroumani

@mroumani Yes. Using a little bit of js... window.location.href="<pageName>" it will redirect to the other page upon opening it, Although u won't be able to open that page with the script on it bc soon as u open it it will go to the other (until u remove it, of course). This will also slow down the time for it to run a little bit though.

I did something horrible
posted to Ask by Elizabeth_Mason
{{ template_jam }} results!

@IreTheKID cool ok.


@sugarfi you have to be an explorer :upside_down: