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PL Jam has Ended

Any updates? It's almost been a month...

How a CPU works.
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Nice! Though, I was kind of hoping that it would explain more of like how the ALU combines multiple logic gates to do stuff and run the programs...

PL Jam has Ended

By any chance, could the "polish" category be relative to the time spent? Rex isn't too polished because we only had 10 days and didn't have all day each day, so we don't have OOP finished in it and don't have closures or proper data types yet.

Alone Simulator Version 1.0 (200 cycles special!)
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@DynamicSquid That's pretty much everyone's life right now...

Wildest programming language idea
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My wildest programming language ideas are

Objective BASIC

Like an object-oriented version of BASIC. (might actually make)


A programming language where you can dynamically change the syntax with the ability to rewrite the program while it is running and variables with multiple types simultaneously. (in development)


A language based on XML (


A language based on JSON that could allow programming via a flowchart. (


A language which is entirely based on transpiling. (

Possibly the worst programming language I have made actually. LOL!


A C-style language with a full graphics library, a safe memory system without buffer overflows, with prototypal OOP, and with a powerful mathematics library. (in planning stage currently)

How To Make A True Coding Language: Part 1
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You do know that there is more than one way to make a programming language, right? Your type one not programming languages are actually programming languages, just without as many powerful functions. For example, you could create a LOLCODE interpreter using split functions and regular expressions and LOLCODE is a programming language. It's not the most useful, but still a language. Same with Forth which is even easier to create an interpreter for. Then, the type two "not programming languages" really aren't programming languages and just created dialects for known languages. However, Clojure is a dialect of Lisp and is considered a separate language, so why couldn't some of what you call "not programming languages" actually be programming languages? For example, the in-development THAIL programming language is really a dialect of Adapt (my programming language which is also in development). Also, please stop arguing with everyone about the things you call "fake". There is still hard work put into it, just maybe not as much as a real OS or full interpreted/compiled programming language.
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Here is a simple console.log implementation for the Node.js "coder100"s:

console.log = (txt) => {
    let doc = document.getElementById('repl').contentDocument; = "black"; = "white";
    let el = doc.createElement('code');
    el.textContent = txt;

Also, to make it look a little more realistic, you could clear the iframe on start and add a log that simply says it is node.js like how in, it says "node v10.16.0". However, this implementation does not include color changing based on the content and does not support arrays and objects since you would need to detect those and JSON stringify them. However, that is not difficult to add either.

How To Make a Basic OS

@DynamicSquid Thank you and you're welcome! :D

Hidden Replit Languages OWO
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@AmazingMech2418 Wait, put it there! LOL!

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Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
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@Jakman In my opinion, a user should be trying to do different things with each post. If someone makes two things with a minimal difference in code, that person isn't learning anything or developing their skills. It doesn't necessarily have to be improvement if the two things are different. Even if someone does the same thing in two different languages, the person is learning something. However, if someone does the same thing in one language multiple times, the person learns nothing. I mean, if you do the same thing in one language multiple times with slight differences and it makes you popular, you get popularity, but it won't really help in the long run as you won't learn anything and cycles do nothing (at least currently).

Why is everyone making Python tutorials
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@IMayBeMe Why would someone switch to Python? I'd rather switch from it...

π in Pascal
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@Atias It is supported?

Social Media App | MuseTime
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@ironblockhd Yours is the dOA25 one. LOL!

How To Make a Basic OS
JavaSocial - Social media system!!!
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When you hack this because you made the DB URLs public... LOL!

pretty cool web chatroom if i say so myself
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@rafrafraf You should be able to add a report button that just tells you the chat name or whatever and temporarily deletes the room until you evaluate it to see if it is appropriate.

Repl-Customs!!! (v1)
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@IreTheKID Yep! You accidentally used the posts API twice.

Repl-Customs!!! (v1)
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@IreTheKID You're welcome! Also, with the recent comments, I think you are using the wrong API. It shows the cycles and descriptions of the recent posts section.

Typing Speed Test
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Sentence suggestion: "Pi is the best mathematical constant and is a thousand times better than tau."

{{ template_jam }} [EXTENDED!]

@zog1 I don't think it would be the 3 most popular since that would cause an unfair advantage for people who submitted earlier. Additionally, sometimes, repls with more upvotes are just more entertaining and may not be of a higher quality. I personally think the moderators will judge projects based on quality and usability and then choose the top 3 instead of them being simply the most popular.

"Animated" ASCII Cactus
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Great job! I'd recommend using sys.stdout.write instead of print though since it is faster and also, I'd recommend using "\n".join(cactus) to put the entire ASCII cactus into one print function for speed as well. I did it in my fork if you want to see what I mean .

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@The_Potato Ethical hacking is legal. What you are thinking is commonly referred to as "cracking".

Weekly Challenge #17

Ah... Time for some metaprogramming. LOL!

HelloWorld OS!
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@DynamicSquid Thank you!

HelloWorld OS!
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@DynamicSquid I think I might try to make a tutorial for it!

HelloWorld OS!
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@DynamicSquid Thank you!

Monthly repls - August 2020

Yay! My first monthly repl!

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Nice job, but isn't this really just a modification of the C++ syntax with custom data types?

Facilis - A Low Level Functional Language
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Are there supposed to be errors with the linker?