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I've taught myself to code in python and love encryption
Add-ons to your Python code to make it better!
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Small things, good article but you could do these things

You can use os to clear the screen instead like os.system('clear') which clears the screen
For the typewriter there is an inbuilt argument in your print statement so instead of running sys.stdout.flush() you can just print(char, end='', flush=True)

Intead of running whille_back_to_menu = True you can just run while back_to_menu which is true so it will loop alternatively you can run while 1: which is True and you add a break statement to the if action1 == 'hello' block.

error definition
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I'm not seeing any erros?

How do you make cool patterns with colour?
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Define “Cool Patterns” and stop spamming

Why am I getting this message in the log? Can someone help me?
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Link your code so we can see your full code

How did I become 'hacker'?
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If you connected to repl via a github student account then repl gives you a free year of premium. Enjoy it while it lasts

my code does not work
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You have to choose the python + turtle repl language to use turtle not just python

Repl Inside a repl
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@mamamia5x I’ve been trying to find a way to fix that. I’m probably going to take input using input(“> “) and then use pyautogui to send the text so I can use shift

How to put picture in python??????
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What have you already tried? What modules are you using? Link your repl so we can help you. If you want to see images you can use Python’s pillow module with the code img.show you can display a picture to the screen.

I accidentally erased part of my code in JS assignment 10 exercises 1,2, & 3. Anyway to restore it?
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Yes there is a button that says saved if you click it you can view previous versions of your code

how to know>?
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Ok so you want to do web scraping to get there you first need to understand how functions and variables work. Once you understand those you can research on the webbot or webdriver module which will have web scraping

Where to learn
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You said you can read the manuals so you should go read the docs which is an online documentation of modules. Here is the PyGame readthedocs where you can find PyGame functionality and examples.

how do you make an Rle compression function?
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AAAH Formatting! You have to follow python’s capitalization rules you cannot do INPUT you have to do input() python is very case sensitive. Second you have to turn off “special characters” on your ios device because there are fancy characters that repl isn’t picking up as quotations. Second you have to name your files as a string so surround them in single (‘) or double (“) quotes. Third NEVER EVER name your variables after python function do not name your “file” variable file because you are overwriting the file function. Fourth! You have to add a / after your code to take out a single or double quote so your code on line 11 currently looks something like

file.write(“8.      `8b Y8,       “88,, [...]”
‘You have to turn that into’
file.write(“8.       `8b Y8,     /“88.. [...]”

This would cancel out the “ in your code so it won’t give out errors. Fifth! You need to fix your typos you have typos on line 12 where you wrote fiel instead of file. Fifth! As I said before python is case sensitive so when you go lower in your code you do FILE = OPEN(ASK) where it should be my_file = open(‘ask.txt’,’r’). You change your style multiple times in your code and your errors get even worse the farther I progress. Sixth! You have to follow proper python indentation you cannot write code like

def option4:

Let me go over all the way this is wrong
1. Proper capitalization
2. Functions require parenthesis ()
3. You need proper indentation
4. If statements need colons (:)
5. You need to indent after the if statement!
6. Etc - (This is getting depressing)
So your code after that would look like

def option4(Menu):
  if Menu == ‘CONVERT TO RLE’:
    Ascii_file = open(Ask.strip(),’r)

This would be how to properly capitalize and indent your code. There’s much more but thats all I could figure out. For a beginner this looks like a big project but good luck on it.

Can i fix this?
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You can run the os.system(‘pip install —upgrade pip’) and it should upgrade thats what I do. Also how are you using windows 32 modules on a non windows computer?

or function not working on multiplayer repl
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Your question is already answered but instead of writing

if (sailing == 'a') or (sailing == 'A'):

you can do

if (sailing.lower() == 'a'):

Which is a much cleaner way of checking if they typed a

I need help getting my code to type to a new tab
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@JamesGordon1 Sorry for not being precise its driver.switch_to_tab(x)

I need help getting my code to type to a new tab
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Your currently using a selenium webdriver function to switch windows. I was unable to find a switch_to_window() in webbot documentation but I found a switch_to_tab() so either switch to webdriver or switch tabs

Sign in to home account on school chromebook
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You could try opening up repl in an incognito tab which would let you sign in to repl without other information affecting. Another way would be to click sign out under your profile and try to do a google + new account when signing into repl. My school district uses ipads which are great piles of apple so if these don't work I can experiment on my friends' chromebook

What should I add next?
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Maybe add 'links' in your code to different tutorials that you have so your users don't need to scroll a lot to get to posts from later on. Second you dont need to state your age.

helping window doesn't appear
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If you go to setting (The Gear) and scroll all the way down you will see code intelligence. Turn that on and it should work for you

Can you get user input without needing to click enter in python?
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So in oython there is this module that reads the last key pressed from the python stdin `
import readchar
key = readchar.readkey()

Which will give the last key pressed
I need help making the website
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Link your code below so we can see what you've done already

how can i public my repls as a real website?
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You can share your website with the link https://webwizer.horesuit.repl.co which will act just like a real website. Or if you already own a website there is some code you can add for that.

Repl Inside a repl
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@Foster_Bryant A Kahoot flood program? Thats cool may I see what you've done?

Repl Inside a repl
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[Solved, input still welcome] Best and fastest way to learn Python?
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W3Schools has a lot of good information for learning python. I personally got my fundamentals with codecademy. But codecademy is not good for python

Image processing
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Python has lots of image processing libraries likes numpy and pil. What do you plan on doing with your video data? And what languages do you already know?

can anyone make a stopwatch for me please?
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@NimaVasigh An incredibly simple way of making a stopwatch would to import time and subtract the time the while loop started from the current time resulting in the time since the main loop has started. For a leaderboard the best way would be to ask the user for a possible name and store it in a file. To display the leaderboard just read the contents of the file and display the contents to the screen.

This worked in 2.7, But ThIS DoCuMEnt iS iN 2.7
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With Python 3 you need to import the random module for random values in your code. You can fix this by writing from random import choice on the top line of your code and it will work

Python Advanced Concepts Explanation
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This was a very good explanation but it was more advanced and more for an intermediate person

Does Anyone Know How To Fix This?
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@IndyCarter My mistake, here is what I was talking about the intro to your game is very similar to the theme of this one. My mistake gl on the project.