Arjun 😊

@BlueComet (116)
I love Star Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!
🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
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@Prankster me too!!

"Animated" ASCII Cactus
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nice animation!

Snake in BASIC
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This is really nice super smooth.Great job!

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Caesar Cipher
Monoalphabetic Cipher
Homophonic Substitution Cipher
Polygram Substitution Cipher
Polyalphabetic Substitution Cipher
Playfair Cipher
Hill Cipher

US Capitals Quiz
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@ZDev1 That's ok. Glad you liked it!

s p a c i f y - w r i t e t e x t l i k e t h i s
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t h i s i s s o c o o l a n d t h e c o l o r s a r e a w e s o m e !

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Nice job for your first python game I would recommend using
def clear():
print('\033[2J\033[H',end='') and after every if statement use clear()
this just clears all the text behind so it makes it look cleaner and organized

Experiment 44 - a text-based RPG
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Wow I amazed This is one of the best RPG Iv'e ever seen I'm
(I hadn't even finished playing this before upvoting)
like 99% sure this will on trending
(This is before it is trending comment and upvote if it actually is trending )

I need help for my 500 cycle special
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planet name zorgna
squid name forbidden squid
boss squid
girdle squid

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how to share my repl
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you can post this on share on the top it says add post

WW1 Themed Fighter Pilot Game
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Not boring coding ideas.
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maybe a tutorial to teach python,js,and node js

Not boring coding ideas.
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battle ship or connect four for, games

My best 3 languages (my opinion)
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Nice job I liked how you let us like dislike or comment at the end (I liked for that)

I feel very behind in my knowledge of programming. Help?
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I would recommend
you can learn many things about coding there the link I put is about python but on the top of the website are different languages.I would highly recommend you checking this out I hope you enjoy :)

Minecraft WebGL Project Core
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WoW!This is amazing

Avoid the Circle
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US Capitals Quiz
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Color Search
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Wow this is pretty cool! My favorite feature is how it shows possible colors. At first you want one color but then you see 20 cooler colors.

Minesweeper v3
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wow this is super cool

I need help for my 500 cycle special
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@DynamicSquid thanks zorgna kinda sounds like a water planet

Why So Many
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because its a good beginner project its pretty easy compared to other projects

How do you put a question with multiple outcomes on a program in C#?
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@SofieMLPA if this helped can you mark it as the answer

Sanctuary Simulator (Beta)
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@BobTheTomatoPie maybe you can have problems appear here and there
example: Oh no there is a flood do you want to evacuate everyone or try to contain the flood

Sanctuary Simulator (Beta)
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Nice job but it is pretty repetitive

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nice job

Colorful Thing That @ZDev1 and I Made
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The illusions are so cool

Announcing "Repl Customs"!!!
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Wow this is amazing!

!!100 CYCLES!!
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