Arjun 😊

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I love Star Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!
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US Capitals Quiz
# Intro Hi everyone, I just learned python at a summer camp and this is what I created for the final project. In this game you will have to guess the...
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Advanced Calculator
# Intro Hi everyone - I made an advanced calculator which can calculate factorials and the Fibonacci sequence as well as the basics. Instead of import...
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Three Projects
# Intro Hi everyone I have made three projects in JS. I know they are very simple, but this is my first time coding JS. I have made Guess the number,...
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My First Website
# Intro Hi everyone, this is my first website and I'm really proud of it because I put so much effort and time into it. The website includes articles,...
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How to use arrow keys?
I'm want to create a game using arrow keys. Is there a way to use arrow keys in python?