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Repl Being Slow?
posted to Ask by FishballNooodle

bruh that won't make them stop lol

Why is so slow?
posted to Ask by OrangeJooce123


Yea is being a bit slow today, not the first time. I also got the 404 error, and I can't access my repls too. And I cant see repl talk too. :/ Only thing to do, well, is to wait. You can also try reporting to bugs here if anything is still not working. I think should be working fine now, but still slow. You can always try reloading page/deleting tab, sometimes works.

My guess to why this is happening is because of the classroom feature; apparently its dragging the whole site down, but luckily plans to take it down soon.

So yea concluding, everyone is experiencing this, best thing to do is wait, and report to bugs/feedback when you can! ;)

Patatap Clone 🎶🎵
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Me spamming my keyboard:

Creates harmony:

Wow lol

Fibonacci! 🌀
posted to Tutorials by Bookie0

(btw I saw you pinged me before I updated this tutorial, check it again, I added the images! ;)

also yea ping me when you're on ;)

✨✨Survival Game✨✨| 👹👹Try and Survive👹👹
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when he(or she)
him(or her)
he(or she)
him(her) going
if he(her)

dude say 'they' lmao

my blue google
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lol it just redirects you to google

you could also try adding some more css, maybe around the submit button or the textfield

Weekly Results - September 2020

Also when is the next monthly repls? I'm excited to see it!

Any constructive feedback on how to make these more fun is appreciated via the comments section!

Maybe when you announce the winners, you can include a link their post so we get to see what they did, instead of manually having to find it.. ;)

Fibonacci! 🌀
posted to Tutorials by Bookie0

uh ok cool! :D @owocon

How to properly deal with spam posts
posted to Tutorials by SixBeeps

not only on ask boards, but there's also much on the share board, and especially classroom assignments lol.

you can also explain a bit more what to put exactly in the spam report, sometimes you can just say spam, you could also say wrong board if that's what it is, or classroom assignment, etc. ;)

My Birthday
posted to Share by syflexer

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I wanted to say something...
Oh yes!

happy birthday 🎉

Edit: thx for the 11 upvotes people XD

New design -- pog or cringe?
posted to Ask by amasad

its a bit of both, but mostly great!

i think the run button of last time was much better, with the cool effect of the kinda slide motion, but i see why you chose this button to kind of fit in with the buttons (comment, reply, etc.) with the roundness.

also, the + in the top right button should probably be a bit bigger, because after all it is the most important thing in the making of new repls and coding!

I love the new color theme of the IDE, the italics, the keywords and stuff, so thats really cool.

also the beta teams thing and the achievements are POG.

But overall, i think you guys made better! ;)

👍 👏 =)

Moral of the Story | Episode 5 - STOP ANIMATION
posted to Share by ChezCoder

Cool! Maybe an idea for another episode could be:

Always make sure you’re muted on zoom before you start to sing super loud all the meme songs you know (Like coffin dance).

posted to Share by fuzzyastrocat

woo great work! I like the shapes, pretty aesthetic! :)

why is the yess and noo not working?
posted to Ask by Imthebestthe

ok cool! Lemme know if I can help you more! :) @Imthebestthe

Night website comparison
posted to Ask by Lethdev2019

i detect a mac...Good.

Multiplayer cursors!
posted to Share by MarcusWeinberger

cool! :) @rafrafraf

Multiplayer cursors!
posted to Share by MarcusWeinberger

Hehe nice job. Try making different visual effects for the mouse clicks ;)

The Endless RPG!!
posted to Share by xolyon

You asked for an upvote, be satisfied my child, as I am your savior and an upvote thy shall get.
Edit: thanks for the 7 upvotes! XD
Lol ya welcome
Have a great day

Oh, The Irony! Unlisted REPLs
posted to Ask by Spacecraft

lol i guess doesnt want people to not buy hacker to get the free private/unlisted repls.

What you can do:

  • ping a mod on
  • go to the discord and ping/DM a mod there (they are usually more active on the discord)
  • email [email protected] (but I dont really think they are for unlisting repls and repl talk in general)
  • ping amasad and complain loudly that its not ur fault that you found free private repls xDD

so yea good luck! ;)

Patatap Clone 🎶🎵
posted to Share by JDOG787

Hold down E (makes gun sounds) @CarlosRosiles

Search Engine v1.1
posted to Share by CodingRobot12

nice! try adding some more colors!

My Birthday
posted to Share by syflexer

No don’t have to, or if you want you can wait for 20 cycles. It’s up to you! :) @syflexer

posted to Ask by DSAJackson11


do you have a question related to coding? If no, please don't post stuff like this. you can introduce yourself here if you wish! ;)

Replol (Google)
posted to Share by JBYT27

ye coding langs, also maybe a guide to, also ask the discord join here for more ideas, they tend to have cool crazy words lol

here are a few words:


some popular or well known users (check out the leaderboard maybe

g'luck! :D @JBYT27

Replol (Google)
posted to Share by JBYT27

Pretty cool! :) Glad those tutorials helped!

"Animated" ASCII Cactus
posted to Share by CodingCactus

3 hourzzzzz later
I’m afraid I lost count; I was at about 1270 I think
Lol it’s cool
edit: thanks for the 7 upvotes!