Kairen Efram

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CPPStudent7308 (8)
About the bitcoin.
Let's just say that a 16-year-old wins the game jam competition and wins the bitcoin, but he's too young to have a bank account or a stockbroker to ke...
CPPStudent7308 (8)
Help! What language will run this?
I tried JS, but what I made is only compatible with a canvas-oriented JS language. Here is the code: textSize(30); fill(0, 0, 0); text("Tic-Tac-Toe",...
CPPStudent7308 (8)
C++ help pick randomly from an array
I have an items array called items[6]. I have already assigned variables to the array, but I need a function that randomly selects from the array and...
CPPStudent7308 (8)
What do I do with the jobs page?
I am very confused. I just want some straight information on what is required and if applications are accepted.
CPPStudent7308 (8)
Snap4arduino to repl.it
I have an xml file but I don't know if I can run it on repl.it. I need HELP!
CPPStudent7308 (8)
Sneak Peek!
Preview of my c++ rpg plz review and give feedback.
CPPStudent7308 (8)
I need help transferring information
I have an xml document that runs on snap4arduino, but I would like to run it on repl.it. Since I can't download information and I don't know what lang...