Pizza + NodeJs = ChezCoder

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Hello, I like pizza, nodejs, and python. Did you know that?
4 Chances 🍀 🤞
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Thank you for checking out the project, enjoy your day!

School Inc.
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@matthewproskils don't let other people affect what you want to create, follow your dreams


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my school blocks unity application :(

🎉 3,000 Cycles: PYER.ME 🎉
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"I'd like to thank the following people, for the all the upvotes"

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My thoughts on the community
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@FlaminHotValdez yes... 2 months later... im upset at how nothing has changed

Introducing Replpedia
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@PDanielY need a logo?
here you go!

School Inc.
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Guide to Asking Coding Questions
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@stonefish lol this is what I like about repl

Arrows! animation!
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This is oddly satisfying

Wack a Mole
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Cycle Risk Game!!
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paste this in console:

function win(){score=1000;cycles.textContent = score + " Cycles";cycles.textContent = "Yay You Won! You Got 1000 Cycles!"};function setscore(scr){score=scr;cycles.textContent = score + " Cycles";if(score === 1000){cycles.textContent = "Yay You Won! You Got 1000 Cycles!"; = "block";}};console.log("\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\033[4m\033[3m\033[32mSuccess!\033[0m");function spam(btnId,amnt){if (btnId/btnId!=1){return 'Btn number has to be between 1-5';}var int_val_ = setInterval(()=>{if (score <= amnt) {document.getElementsByClassName("btn"+btnId)[0].click();}else{clearInterval(int_val_);}},10);scrollTo({top:0,behavior:"smooth"});}function removeRandom(){Math.random = function random(){ return 0 };console.log("Code given by @wulv")}

win() - ruin the fun
setscore() - set the score; example: setscore(30)
spam() - spam a button; example: spam("1",10) will spam the first button until the score reaches 10
removeRandom() - removes the possibility to lose (thanks @wulv!).

My first program
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This is a beautiful first program for anyone

Empty REPL
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again, i made a chatroom and only got 6 upvotes. Then theres this...

Cactus Simulator
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Recommendation: Something to skip the intro, it takes so long XD

ATOM - a game based on the periodic table
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all i can say is coolest game ever.
although takes a very long time

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I try so hard to make very complex projects that take like weeks and sometimes months do to and I only get like 2 upvotes. Then people do THIS behind my back and they get like a million upvotes. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG GOD??????????????????????????????????????????????

FoRtUnE_TeLLeR 🔮 ✨
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help plz
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this is the basic structure of an if loop:

    # some code...


if 1 == 1: # if 1 is equal to 1
    print("1 is equal to 1!") # print this.
Ever Skies
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Short Film in Java ( 50 Cycles Special! )
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omg thank you!

Teleport to a Random Webpage Because Why Not
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this is a beautiful demonstration of the uses of web crawling, pseudo random, and many other aspects of programming, fit so snuggly in one project. Bravo, heres an upvote!

Edit, look what site i was sent to :/

Edit x2: Make a button and a input, the input contains a number, the button opens multiple webpages depending on the input. If the input were 4, then it opens 4 new webpages.

Edit x3: I will never forgive my self:

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ehh! :D

This is my first python animation!
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this is really cool!

Day In The Life Of A Noob Coder!
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this is beautiful

π in C#
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Wow, never knew there was so much to pi!

Voice Assistant Template
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The markings of a true pro-grammer hahahaha...............

no one laughed :(
Sanctuary Simulator (Beta)
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Cookie Clicker in JavaScript
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@NoelBryan cuz Infinity is not a number.
I can just use my other hax to set it to 0