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Gogl Serch, a Google Search client made in python!
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I stand my case: js baf @Coder100

Developer Spotlight - Monke!

._. .... @Bookie0

Developer Spotlight - Monke!


Share your Always On repls
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Idk, says I already have 5 and that I've reached max, but idk what 5 repls it thinks are always on :sad:

Ask Me Anything
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LMAOOOOO, LMAOOOOO, hello so Apple can "sue you for saying macOS is bad", but it's perfectly legal to say bad things about windows and Linux?, 1st ur a hypocrite.
2nd Apple can't sue me for saying macOS is bad. Have ya heard of the 1st amendment????

repl DM: a sneak peak
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Woah, you and @marcusweinberger always create really cool projects, keep the good work up!

Jam Submission: Code Daily
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cool, a wild @amasad in its natrual habitat: replit

New years resolution generator!
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yes, you are learning the way of the spammer @DartZII

Wildest programming language idea
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A language that throws errors no matter what you add
AKA: no correct syntax

What does REPL stand for?
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REPL Expects Programming Languages

EDIT idea new variation: REPL Executes Programming Languages

Bye bye repl.it
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Oh ok :) enjoy scratch
Q: will you still use replit ever?

also why am I not on that list
An In Depth Explanation of Lambda Functions (Advanced Concept Made easy!

Wow more tutorials should be as interactive as this one amazing!

Why is begging for upvotes so effective on repl
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Welll just hit the report button :)

Repl.it MeMeS
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People asking for help on learn even though learn is for totorials

Brute Force Password Cracker
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PANIK my passwords are under siege!!!!

"Animated" ASCII Cactus
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"Animated" ASCII Cactus
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"Animated" ASCII Cactus
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Developer Spotlight - P-AIR-OH!

Can you interview urself? @TheDrone7

A cool blog chat client
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I am going to do that stay tuned @AeneidVI

Truth: are you a spammer boy?
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@RohilPatel its soon to be an api :)

Code Jam #10 Begins

just submit repl talk @amasad

RePy Beta Release
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STOP ANIMATION - Moral of the Story | Ep3
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ep 4: banned from repo talk :)

What are all the Repl.it Roles?
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That includes things like explorer also tho

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Lmao. I might post again (and make a joke that everyone has forgotten me lmao) but for now I really only comment :D @FlaminHotValdez

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Ok, I'm working on a client for blog.repl.it/__logs rn lmao @Whippingdot (people are using it to chat with http requests)

Cool Rocket Animation!
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:) congrats on 600 (I'm over half way there) @Bookie0