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The safety of replit. Is replit really as safe as people think?
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the ip picture doesn't work, and i just use an ad blocker for that logout thing

CC Fanclub Code Jams!
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@JBYT27 CACTUS has always been watching!

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Hi, we've unlisted this as it does not contain much code. If you add some more and then reply to this comment, we can take another look and may relist it.

Ask Me Anything
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What's your middle name?

[ GAME ] Switcheroo
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btw cactus already beat me :(


Cactus Simulator
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Thanks for 500 cycles!!!!


HTML Code Editor & Playground | Hyperground | 100 Cycle Special | New Updates
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@amasad can you make someone make it work thx

(pinging teams)
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hi @programmeruser you reported this for plagiarising a tutorial, please provide the tutorial from which this is apparently copied

Why are repl.it's hot repls just games?
posted to Ask by RomanFlorintsev

The thing is really, is that it doesn't matter how many upvotes you are getting, it is just if you are happy with what you have coded. If you think what you have made is cool, then you share it so that you can show other people your cool project and then if someone else finds it cool. Then they upvote it so that other people can see what they think a is cool/fun/interesting project. The important bit, is that you are happy with the thing that you make, and if they don't see it, then that is their loss


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@PattanAhmed if you got it from a youtube video, then you credit that video, otherwise that is plagiarism which is illegal...

Bye bye repl.it
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@CodeLongAndPros yeah, CodingCactus is some top quality animating software, you should really try it.

Hollow - Season 1
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this is just a repost of all the other repls combined?

I need help for my 500 cycle special
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cactus squid lol

Stop The Furry Hate!
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Hi, we've unlisted this as it does not contain much code. If you add some more and then reply to this comment, we can take another look and may relist it.

[ Game ] Anti-Social Mouse
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@Coder100 lol nice, which one?

G.O.O.S.E 2: Operation "Overload" (300 cycles special)
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btw, increasing the voltage across a circuit doesn't cause it to short circuit lol

C++ FULL Begginners Course!
posted to Tutorials by JustAWalrus

C++ FULL Beginners Course.


This course is accelerated. Meaning it is meant for C#, C, Python, Java, etc. devs and will not teach you what a variable is for example.

Which one is it? You can't say it is a full beginners course if you don't teach beginners.

Adventure Game!
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@brendanryba1 @RowanFromBJC he can easily be unbanned by simply emailing [email protected] to appeal as it says. I assume you know them as you are speaking on their behalf so would you please tell them that.

Repl-Customs!!! (v1)
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sooo cool

Number Generator
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its not really a random number generator, considering you are just using random.choice() meaning you didn't actually make any of the random part of it, which is the hard part of making random numbers.

[ Game ] Anti-Social Mouse
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Temporary ipad gang : (

π in Forth
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wow, you're not lying about the level of readability, lol

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nearly crashes my computer like all of you games (love 0.5 fps)

is this a good teaching site for new people who what to start coding
posted to Ask by carsonrockpoop

it is how I learnt to code

Hahachat Release Date
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stop spamming repl talk with it?

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I hope you get through your surgery alright!

How to become repl.it moderator?
posted to Ask by Bookie0

A content creater is someone that makes really good tutorials/content (e.g. @LizFoster for their cool pi stuff)

I believe to become a mod, you have to be a helper on discord (which you become by completing some google form) and then if you are really good at that, you might get asked to become a mod on repl talk.
I'm not completely sure about that one though

It is annoying if that is how you become a mod, because I do't really do discord. :(

How Well Do You Know Repl.it?
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