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who is siren head
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Hi, I've unlisted this as it is just a few p tags.

Explorers New Features
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@Coder100 because it isn't giving any feedback. Just asking for people to point out the new features.

[ GAME ] Switcheroo
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btw cactus already beat me :(


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HI I've unlisted this as the description is just spam.

im wondering about making some fun games
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Who's the lucky crush?

Cactus Simulator
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Thanks for 500 cycles!!!!


Why are repl.it's hot repls just games?
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The thing is really, is that it doesn't matter how many upvotes you are getting, it is just if you are happy with what you have coded. If you think what you have made is cool, then you share it so that you can show other people your cool project and then if someone else finds it cool. Then they upvote it so that other people can see what they think a is cool/fun/interesting project. The important bit, is that you are happy with the thing that you make, and if they don't see it, then that is their loss


[ Game ] Anti-Social Mouse
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@Coder100 lol nice, which one?

Hollow - Season 1
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this is just a repost of all the other repls combined?

what is the error give me write answer?
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Hi, please read this before asking another question

C++ FULL Begginners Course!
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C++ FULL Beginners Course.


This course is accelerated. Meaning it is meant for C#, C, Python, Java, etc. devs and will not teach you what a variable is for example.

Which one is it? You can't say it is a full beginners course if you don't teach beginners.

I need help for my 500 cycle special
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cactus squid lol

[ Game ] Anti-Social Mouse
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Temporary ipad gang : (

G.O.O.S.E 2: Operation "Overload" (300 cycles special)
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btw, increasing the voltage across a circuit doesn't cause it to short circuit lol

Hahachat Release Date
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stop spamming repl talk with it?

Achievement Hunting Club!
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Pretty sure i already got 'em all.

Can't see an achievement for unlisting posts or resolving reports.....

Repl-Customs!!! (v1)
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sooo cool

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nearly crashes my computer like all of you games (love 0.5 fps)

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@JosephSanthosh what? How can you shut up and ask? You aren't making sense

[ Game ] Anti-Social Mouse
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@Coder100 lol it alright considering I played most of the levels weeks ago when u were making it

π in Forth
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wow, you're not lying about the level of readability, lol

is this a good teaching site for new people who what to start coding
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it is how I learnt to code

Why do I not get many Upvotes?
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so, um why care about upvotes???
All that matters is if you enjoyed making it and are proud of it.

How to become repl.it moderator?
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A content creater is someone that makes really good tutorials/content (e.g. @LizFoster for their cool pi stuff)

I believe to become a mod, you have to be a helper on discord (which you become by completing some google form) and then if you are really good at that, you might get asked to become a mod on repl talk.
I'm not completely sure about that one though

It is annoying if that is how you become a mod, because I do't really do discord. :(

How Well Do You Know Repl.it?
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WW1 Themed Fighter Pilot Game
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wow, this is sooo good

btw, how do you change the picture at the top (see the pic)

How to Get a List of All Repl.it Langauges

yay, well done