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Studying Computer Science A-Level... but these projects aren't part of that
CoolTomato (13)
I made a Minesweeper game...
## So, I made a Minesweeper game! I spent a lot of time on it and it's my first proper "text-based" game (my only other games are in Unity and C#, so...
CoolTomato (13)
Minesweeper Game
I made a Minesweeper game! It's not exactly like real Minesweeper, but it's close enough I think :D (All code is mine, including the two libraries I...
CoolTomato (13)
Does the "Tkinter" language work on Repl.it?
I recently discovered that there was a Tkinter language on here... but it doesn't appear to work...? My simple test program is https://repl.it/@CoolTo...
CoolTomato (13)
My Hangman Text Game
Here's a game I programmed in Python... it's a version of Hangman!