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CullenDAvello (18)
SDL for repl?
i have been made aware that using the SDL api is a lot easier than normal c code and i was wondering if there is a way to use it on repl. i have all o...
CullenDAvello (18)
on-screen text?
hey @SPQR can you help me with on screen text the SFML website says the code i have on lines 87-91 is right but it says "font" is undeclared even thou...
CullenDAvello (18)
i have a function on lines 93 through 97 that i want to only run every second i have it so when the player touches the enemy he loses 1 health but i...
CullenDAvello (18)
unqualified-id error (C++, SFML)
@SPQR hey, i started using SFML because SDL didn't get me anywhere and you were right SFML is way easier, but i keep getting this unqualified-id erro...
CullenDAvello (18)
Having trouble with textures and sprites
Ok so, (I’m using SFML) I have (had) set up a Texture texture; if (!texture.loadFromFIle(“texture.json”)) and I had the sprite code but when I went...
CullenDAvello (18)
OK I've been making a game for a little bit, lots of rectangles not many patterns so I've finally decided to use a tile set but i don't know how can a...