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Snake Game
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Great game! I got pro at playing snake by playing this game: powerline.io
P.S. That is a link

MineKhan (Minecraft for Khan Academy)
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trying to go super high, then falling...

Wanna help spam some scammers?
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does this actually work?

[ GAME ] 3D Snek
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cool & funny

Three.js Particles - Falling Snow
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Really cool! And the background is 3D! Did you use google maps?

Realtime chat app using firebase, with markdown, editing, channels, and much more!
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This is like the best-coded chat website in repl.it

🎨 HSL colour controller 🎨
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how did you get pug?

[ GAME ] Hide and Seek2
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How to get multiplayer? @Coder100

Multiplication Tables
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Thanks @JonDoeBeep

How to python (GCSE/The Basics)
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very useful for beginners

ReplStats: Search analytics data for web REPLs!
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This is really useful!!!!!! I posted one of my repl links somewhere and I thought only one person saw my repl, turns out over 300 people, Oh man!!!
P.S. That's a lot of repl.it people.

Add Block
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Add Block
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@RYANTADIPARTHI and When I run my repl, it shows a link, so I click on it, then a brings me to a website INSIDE the page (I'm still in the repl coding place and my program is on the small screen.)

Add Block
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@RYANTADIPARTHI how do you show a screenshot?

Add Block
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@Coder100 how to disable an ad block in the system?

Rock! Paper! Scissors! Online!
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Is this thing live or what

🖱️ 2D Aim Game
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touch-screen can make you go fast

🍩3D DONUT!!🍩
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@LoganKwan hehe hoho haha lol

🍩3D DONUT!!🍩
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I ate my screen the COOKIE!!!!!!!!
The donut was also appealing tho

Corndog.io || Pog Remake
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POGPOGPOG https://corndogio-remake.dsaevan.repl.co/
I gave you credits in the code, but you can't see it.

The worst among us scuff yet...
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I beat the game so hard. I can go out of the canvas bounds and no imposter touches me.

Really cool website - seriously
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Cool! Can't wait till it is ready! Good effects with hover and the DevBuilds sign.

MAGMA: A game about not dying
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can you code a leaderboard into this hard (not very) game?

The Biggest Mystery
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How many butts do you have?

2021 -- It Can't Be Worse (right?) [p5.js] Flashing Numbers!
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@Bookie0 thas complicated tho. I no understand it