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3D Online Multiplayer Shooter 🔫🔫
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I don't know a whole lot about clients talking to servers and stuff but maybe you could add a AI for every player playing? So, when you connect to the page two people spawn, where you control one guy and the other dude is an AI. But all the calculations could be done on your own computer so as not to lag out the already-bad server. b/c its kind of boring when nobody else is on. Otherwise, it's really cool! I opened it in two windows and had fun killing myself.

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@amasad Well, I can use cython to accelerate my python code with static typing but from what I've read java's JIT compiler, bytecode system, and platform-specific JVM all contribute to further optimizations.
The syntax gets annoying after a while though... after years of python semicolons hit you over the head pretty hard.

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link rowechen#4093

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@juliomorenotos Maybe you could've split it up into a couple of modules (Maybe it's just me, but I like to keep my modules <200 lines), but yeah, like @Maelstrom said. It's pretty nice.
One note: the dice function is inaccurate. (i.e., a real pair of dice has 1/6 chance of rolling a 7 and a 1/36 chance of rolling a 12, but in your program all numbers have probability 1/11. I would have something like
def roll_dice(): return (random.randint(1,6),random.randint(1,6))

That way, not only do you have a realistic probability distribution but you can now also implement the roll-a-double-to-get-out-of-jail feature, the water works and electricity payment feature, etc.

I voted for you! Best of luck, darklordx

My python repl isn't working...
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By the way, if you just want a program that prints the character you type in, you don't need such an extended if-elif statement. Just type
print(input("Type a letter."))
Alternatively, if you want to make sure it's only one letter, type
print(input("Type a letter.")[1:])
print("You didn't type anything")

Pygame Collaboration
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That's what I figured. So I'm not typing in too much stuff yet.

My python repl isn't working...
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It looks like you're checking if it's equal to the string "q" instead of the variable q. Remove the quotes.

Pygame Collaboration
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About the game:
So, both players have these characters. They come in varying levels of expendability. There's classes and levels, etc. as well as daily loot to help boost players along. The core gameplay revolves around battles, which come in tower-defense format. You can use your characters to either defend (in which you won't lose your character), or attack (in which you probably will lose your character).

Repl.It CodeJam Event #2
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Wait, is this like an official replit thing? Either way, I'm in. ;)

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Hi! I code in python pretty well. I haven't done Html/css/javascript in a while but I used to do those. I'm learning Java for speed! ;)