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One not two!
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How do I create a leaderboard in python?
I am trying to create a leaderboard for python and cannot figure it out. I want the leaderboard to be sortable and in this format: ``` Score | Name ``...
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Simple terminal (please add suggestions)
This is a simple terminal that I have made using PyCommands. All credit goes to @slickassasin03 for the module. I hope you like it!
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In case you did not know it is pride month. This is the month of celebration within the LGBTQ+ community. Make sure to update your profile picture!
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HTML Calculator
This is a calculator I made in about an hour, enjoy!
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This is a random word generator, hope you like it!
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Quiz creator for Python (v1)
This is a Python module that I made which allows you to create a quiz, if you have any suggestions, let me know. # How to get it working To use this m...
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Translator for a Conlang I made (Not finished)
This is a translator for a conlang that I made, Raq*a (/ɹɑkʷɑ/) It's not finished, I still need to do the Raq*a -> English part, but the English -> Ra...
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UNICRUSH (Imported to repl.it)
Am I going to get in trouble for this if I give credit? This is a repl.it importation(?) from HTwins.net. Original version: http://htwins.net/unicrush...
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Day of week calculator
Input your date, and it gives you the weekday!
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What day of the week is it?
This repl will tell you what day any day was, as long as it is gregorian. if you have any suggestions or problems, leave them in the comments!
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Simple Function that I made
This is a function that will take three numbers, put them through the Quadratic Equation, and give back a result. I hope you enjoy! Also, if you have...
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Something's wrong…
Whenever I run this it always puts the spouses under their wives/husbands and for the life of me I can't figure out why.