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Gogl Serch, a Google Search client made in python!
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@Coder100 technically it’s a bash repl but ok

this took a LOT of time to make so dont mess up plz :P
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Unlisted: don’t plagiarize

The creative Group
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@CreativeDrone @RhinoRunner hey just to clear up some confusion, remaking a game from scratch wont get you copyright claimed as long as you dont use graphics/material from the game you are trying to re-create. and as for @RhinoRunner if someone declines to take your suggestion please just move on and dont argue with the person, if they dont want to make something they dont have too. (for better info on copyright do some research into the "fair use policy" im not a lawyer and this is just advice that i know off the top of my head)

The Most Simplest Program
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Honestly getting tired of the whole one line print joke like, I’ve seen this too many times not saying it’s bad but it isn’t really original I guess

I love to animate! Ask me if you please!
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Animate my pfp :>

A Python Fishtank
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added an extra frame to make the animation more smooth

Because why not.
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Unlisted: spam

Language/project recommendations
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@StevenDavis2 that’s pretty cool, and a great idea, thanks! :3

Why is this happening? ;w;
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@StevenDavis2 in line 40 you did int(input() you forgot a parenthesis
It should be int(input(“string”)) (forgot closing parenthesis)

How to View Unlisted Posts!
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Hey, just to inform you unlisted posts are not made to be inaccessible, if you have a link you can still view them, it’s just a tool we use to hide posts from the talk board to keep it clean and organized.

Gogl Serch, a Google Search client made in python!
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@Mioun no, I used an api that I found

Repl.it User Search
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Multiplayer 3D
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Language/project recommendations
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@minx28 fun fact, I tried that once it did not go well

Social Media Website
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This is cool! I’m sad to see trolls already taking advantage I hope you can figure that out (the newest post for me is nsfw)

[WARNING: ONE LINE POST] Code Golf: 99 Bottles (JS: 182 bytes)
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This is one of the good ones

Give me your problems!
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@Evanlicious your disqualified

bot turns off
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hey! you can look up a tutorial to make a flask server and host it with uptimer robot to keep your repl awake! its very easy and wont take you more than 20min

Validation Error/ Comments and upvotes not showing until I reload
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I had this problem, logged out then logged back in and it fixed it for me.

Breaking News Thing!
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Hey, I’ve unlisted this post because I believe it to be rather low effort, add a little more to it and i would be happy to re list it

How to use python 3.7 instead of 2.7
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@IntellectualGuy dont ask for your answer to be marked correct pls

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Of course the bois are the first to cycle you guys are cool B3
@Zavexeon @TaylorLiang

Password Cracker/Strength Tester
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I did this first so your post is invalid
(Lol jk this is dope my dude)

Secret File!!!
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Nice :)

What does everybody's usernamename mean?
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@RhinoRunner I go by “Dart” Online and my significant other called me “Darty” so if “Dart” is taken I use “DartZII” because it sounds like “Darty”

What does everybody's usernamename mean?
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@TheDboi141 hey no swearing, I edited your comment.

Experiencing difficulties
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Thanks amasad! I wish you all the best man! Hopefully not a DDoS, I know you guys will have it solved soon :3

Minecraft WebGL Project Core
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Is this your code?