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I like to make art
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[GAME DEMO] Townsend
A little game with little people ### Fair warning - Your work will NOT be saved!! If you use the box down below there will be control issues. I recom...
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Fun Particle Stuff
https://repl.it/@DrankArizonaIce/particles Tried out an idea I had for a particle system. Here's a prototype
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[WEEBSCRIPT] A stupid "superset" of javascript
# If you decide to read past this point... *Omae wa mo shinderu* ### Description ``` A stupid "superset" of javascript. Inspired by weeb culture. ```...
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Neural Network based Copyright bypass for Movie streams, making it legal to watch any movie online
I was sitting at my desk one day and got an email from my ISP warning me about streaming proprietary content from third parties. After doing a bit of...
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super useful lag demo thing
This visualizes input-to-execution latency (in ms). Input to execution latency is important when you're working with games that operate on real-time w...
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Shakespeare Wrote Plays, And He's Dead. [Simple Markov chain implementation]
Struggling to put together a proper screenplay that would determine the fate of graduation for our hero with only hours before the deadline, he spend...
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[Repl Problem Of The Week] #2 submission
It's the solution to [this](https://repl.it/talk/share/ReplProblemOfTheWeek-2-Sunflowers/9199) problem with a ***small twist*** :) # REPOL broke the...