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I'm doing a programming class at QCC
Why do you use repl?
posted to Ask by AllAwesome497

I use it for a python class. I'm also using repl to program in general, as I have a chromebook and can't exactly download python on it.

why wont this work
posted to Ask by EthanHarris5

Worked for me [email protected]

what code language can i use to draw stuff like khan academy?
posted to Ask by ikerf164

Yeah, that's b/c the beginning part used processing js instead of regular javascript.

posted to Ask by AriKramer

Only if it fits within whatever format it has to be in. It wouldn't use the scientific method so...

Lolcode: I'm trying to create a number guessing game
posted to Ask by EllaFan

I just tried that, but it does not work. Inside of the loop, KTHXBYE becomes an undefined variable. It does work if you guess the number first try, but otherwise you only get one [email protected]

what did i do wrong
posted to Ask by AlexanderCairns

You should change "BOTH SAEM" to "BOTH DIFFRINT".

posted to Share by fawaz123

Yeah, it works for integers & non-integer values. The only annoying would be that if the product is an integer, it appears with a ".0" tacked on to the end. @fawaz123

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You could probably solve that error by using floats instead of integers.
This would read something like:
a=float(input("input a : "))

Doctor AI (Dumb Verison)
posted to Share by GrantKeo

This is amazing, but I was wondering if the question were supposed to repeat. Also I got:
Cholera: 95%
: 3%
Flesh Eating: 3%
(a bill of $700)
Should the second infection say something, or is it a possibility for having no disease?