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ㄥㄩ卂.Hey all, welcome to my profile. I'm UsernameWithheld and I script in Lua, Ruby, Java, and SQL. Im learning c++ and making a lua conv nn
Repl.it Node API
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Unexpected token E in the json

Hosting discord.js bots on repl.it!! [ Works for both discord.js and Eris ]
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@MakerofMyths npm install or just the packages button

An Actually Cool Calculator
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Please Stop With Cycle Fanaticism
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this is clearly the perfect category for that

🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
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im usernamewitheld and I use Lua, Java, SQL, and Love2d.

Time module in Lua!
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I use this:
local function wait(s)
local t=os.clock()+s
repeat until t<=os.clock()
Its fairly accurate, didn't know about this way though.

Datastore for lua
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you have to make a file with this : "local t={} return t"