Daniel Baldwin

@FuyuWinter (2) • New Forest School
I like programming in Python, HTML, PHP and CSS although I am still learning those last 3 languages I am very good at python if I want to be
FuyuWinter (2)
Py2.7 UDP IP Pinger
Python UDP IP Pinger it basically pings a network with a UDP packet https://repl.it/@FuyuWinter/Py27-UDP-IP-Pinger
FuyuWinter (2)
Hailstone Sequence
This script will make any number you input go back to "1" using the Hailstone Sequence. This will make any number go into a loop, but we break it anyw...
FuyuWinter (2)
Py2.7 Rock Paper Scissors
I saw someone else make a RPS Game so I decided to make my own as well https://repl.it/@FuyuWinter/Py27-Rock-Paper-Scissors