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I feel like your bio says a lot about you... too bad there isn't much to say about me!
Adventure Game!
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@PyCoder01 No need to be such a downer >:(

Is Samsung Or Apple Better?
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I really don't that it's fair to say that one company is better than another in such a close and competitive industry. Nowadays, it really comes down to preference and what company offers the most of what you like. Samsung and Apple are making phones that look for a certain kind of person; an iPhone might suit one person, but Samsung and Android might appeal to another.

I've switched between phones and Apple is really good at making a smooth, user-friendly experience for all and looking great while doing so, and Samsung provides the user with many customization options and open ecosystems, giving more power to the user.

...Right now I have a Google Pixel 4

[p5.js] 🎄 Christmas Tree Decorator!!! 🎄
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Wow this is really cool

Cool Loading Bar (PYTHON)
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I'm new to Python so I think this is really cool! Good job. (I also wanna learn JavaScript)

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Hi, again @IreoluwaRaufu ! I will make one too. This is good!

Repl.it Language Index
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Good job with the CSS!

Wonder.CSS | A "great" classless css framework
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Drop-in CSS libraries are underrated, nice job!

Adventure Game!
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Nice job!

MineKhan (Minecraft for Khan Academy)
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this is the best Minecraft REPL I've seen on all of ReplTalk

🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
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Hello, my name is Ire. I'm 14 years old and from New York. I look forward to joining the repl.it community and create many projects here.