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I don't think there's a way to do this currently in repl.it. However, I, too, would be interested in such a possiblity.
I will upvote this in the hope that the repl.it team will see it.

How to play an audio file in python?
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Repl.it currently does not support audio.
If you want me to help you with something outside of repl.it, you'll need to tell me the file format and the OS you're using.

👋✨Introduce yourself 🎉😀
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Hello world, I am HappyFakeBoulder
I hate everything, including coding, but that is one of the things i hate less than many other things.
At the time of my writing this, I mainly code in Python 3, Java, binary/assembly for some of my made-up CPUs, and HTML (although some would consider that last one to not be real coding), but that might change by the time you read this.

HOS (Hellewell Operating System)
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can you make the setup faster; we have the technology

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This is (slightly) beautiful

Tkinter in python
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The error message is basically a fancy way of the interpreter saying that tkinter doesn't work on repl.it.

Connect 4 2.0 (with better graphics and more effects!)

Have an upvote.

How to check if input is an integer or string (python)
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    textType = "int"
except ValueError:
        textType = "float"
    except ValueError:
        textType = "string"
if textType == "int":
if textType == "float":
if textType == "string":

something like that

What even IS a Developer Spotlight?
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ToneBasic: Programming With Sound!
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the link in the newsletter for the music-based encryption leads to this

Holodeck Showcase for my Startup Idea
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can you add a way to move faster



Artificial Intelligence Competition
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Can I submit something I've made before?

How do you work with pygame?
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For now, or, at least, in the recent past, repl.it does not support proper graphics. For alternatives to pygame, see a5rock's response. However, recently, repl.it has added a new type of repl, known as polygott, which allows for one to run a python programming containing pygame. You can create a polygott repl by going to https://repl.it/languages/polygott/, and you might be able to figure out how to set up pygame in this from the example in https://repl.it/@basicer/HeardYouLikePyGame
(if this response was helpful, please upvote it)

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@PYer BTW the link's broken from you changing your username

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@PYer It's a feature of python in which you have a string, the multiplication operator (*), and an integer. It's an expression with the value of the string, repeated a number of times defined by the number, as a new string, e.g. "hfb" * 3 == "hfbhfbhfb". There's also a similar technique with tuples and lists. For another example, see line 27 of my modified timer program.

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A few bugs (otherwise it's pretty good):
Line 24 -- waiting 0.9 seconds, even though it would make sense for it to be one second... why?!
Line 3/4 -- you get the starting time before the user input, leading to bugs with the timing being off by ~20 seconds (it could actually be any amount, i guess that's just how long it took me
Line 27 -- you know python has string multiplication, right?

How to print a text file to a folder?
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I think you've done it yourself on line 15 of main.py in https://repl.it/@sodalover/How-to-open-files-2-ways

Help needed
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can you please give a link to the repl instead of pasting in the code?

Guide to Asking Coding Questions
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@Mosrod I don't think you added the first thing ash15khng asked for.
Also, maybe make it clearer that you should put in a link to the repl (if it's on replit) instead of pasting in the code.

Painting app in the terminal

Yay my art got featured

Painting app in the terminal

I like it; also, it's quite laggy, so I upvote to make it faster.

❌TicTacToe⭕ 💻TERMINAL 💻 + 🦃TURKEY🦃 Edition
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Very nice!
Have an upvote!

Python Quiz
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Don't just post your homework questions (or whatever this is) here and expect us to do it for you; try to do something yourself first.

How to learn Rust?
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I was earlier today intending to learn Rust myself, glad you asked this question

How to check if input is an integer or string (python)
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@IEATPYTHON :thumbsup:
haha yes

HOS (Hellewell Operating System)
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actually, make everything faster