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What is the best first programming language?
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Python! Python is one of the world's biggest languages, and even Google runs on it! Not only you can make terminal apps and games, you can make websites, AIs, machine learning, and more! Also, JavaScript wishes it could be as good as python. Python lets you do anything, and the syntax is easy!

Let's Compare:
console.log("Java is Better"); or alert()
print("Python is Better")

Java has a messy syntax (in my opinion), where all the tiny things yell out errors. Python is a more straight forward approach that is friendly for anyone. Recognizable functions such as input() and str() will help you know which command is which.

import time

num = input("What is your favorite number?")
if num == 7:
  print("That's my favorite number too!")

JavaScript is optimized to make web applications, while Python is made for everything! Pygame, Flask, and much more.

Start learning Python today!

WebCraft - A Online Minecraft!
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Creative mode needed. Feels like MC lite :) (The Nostalgia)

Cycle Finder
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@IzanLarumbe Here's a quick rundown of a cycle:

A cycle is how many times someone upvoted your post or comment, or if you answered someone's question. (I believe it's like Reddit karma?)

Now that I have answered your question,

Can I have a cycle?

Artificial Intelligence Competition
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Yay! Finally a new challenge!

⚡️DEVELOPER SPOTLIGHT #02:⚡️simontiger
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Prevent screen flickering/paint over screen
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When you clear, your adding a bunch of '\n' lines quickly. The computer can't do it instantly, so you have screen flickering. I'm sorry, but I don't think you can fix this.

However, if you want to at least slow the process down, you shouldn't use a while loop and clear at the same time. Slow it down by using time.sleep(seconds).

Omni - A Virtual Assistant
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Me: What is 1 + 1?

Omni: [Object object]
Me: Okay Puts answer on homework

Solve this bug, please.

3 line calculator
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@SwaagatB Made it in 1 line:

while True: print(eval(input('\n')))
WebCraft - A Online Minecraft!
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@HENRYMARTIN4 No, I meant that it needs to be more creative like, with flying and all.

Business Tycoon
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The Issue

On line 31 in

commands_displ = colored("COMMANDS:

You are missing an end quote " and a end parenthesis )

Also, on line 1 in variable main_code:
You have a long string that has the save and load game functionality. This string is vulnerable to code errors, as treats it like a string. Like how you made, create a file called and create functions for loading, saving, or deleting the save game.

edit: Hmmm..... It seems you were trying to create a multiline statement on line 31 in You must have forgotten to add 2 extra quotes to make it into a multiline. """This multiline statement is important for adding the extra line"""

There we go, the program is working!

The Conclusion

Now that everything is working again, we need to conclude what happened so we don't make that mistake again.

First, we need to use """ instead of ". """ creates a multiline string which can output in multiple lines. We could also use \n too.

multi = """
Hello World!
I am a multiline string!
What about you?
""" #multiline

print('Look Up,\nLook Down') #give a multiline


Look Up,
Look Down

Second, we shouldn't put all our code in a multiline string, as Repl can't detect code errors.

Third, we need to organize code into functions and classes which will help us understand the code. It's also nice to document it with #comments and """multilines""".

def load(): #loads savegame
    This load function loads savegame.
    Very Important Piece of the Game.

    Some errors on line 10
    print('Loaded!') #show msg when complete
    q = 1/0 #hmmm..... this seems to return an error.

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What language?
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Maybe try to prevent impersonation by removing names like 'ebest'?

Battle of the tubers!
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I chose T-Series :) [ T-Series' Power should be Bollywood music. ]

Santafy your images 🎅
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That's actually pretty cool! Well done!

Nano DOS - A Python 3 "Operating System" by JayBFC and HarveyH
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Awesome! Currently working on a program to add to Nano Dos!

Edit: I'm done! It was finished in less than 1 day, so don't expect it to work properly:

NaK is a...

Nak is a program to use to emulate situations in python. Nak supports code from python, LuaH, HScript, and customNaK (NaK). It also supports NosDos and HOS emulation.

Why should you use NaK?

NaK is a better solution because NaK does not require users to use a separate computer to run a python / LuaH / HScript program. NaK also has a debugging tool. NaK also supports CK drives, unlike other python program. NaK also supports emulation for NosDos and HOS.

Downsides of NaK:

customNaK is very experimental and some features have been failing during development. Also, CK drive support is limited, and does not successfully use custom NaK code.


1.1 Dec. 27, 2018
NaK supports HScript
1.2 Dec. 27, 2018 - 28, 2018
NaK now has COMPLETE support for emulation.
NaK reached over 500 lines of code.
Please message me if you want your Python3 script or OS to be in NaK. If you are using python 2.7, NaK will not support your code or OS. Please update it to the newest version of python.

Also need to mention that due to python support, LuaH, HScript and customNaK could be easily manipulated. It is safer to stay away from assigning values. THIS INCLUDES THE OPERATING SYSTEMS.

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It's a normal clock, but its not a normal clock.

Learn the Python Basics
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@DRFSchool Oh ok :)

Learn the Python Basics
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Umm, I can see issues. Do you need any help?

What's your favorite thing about What about your least favorite?
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My favorite thing and least favorite thing is code intelligence. It helps me find errors in my code and it also helps me understand my code. What I don't like is that it can't find errors in star imports. It will think every nonexistant function is from the star import

Python Network!
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May I make a version with a better UI? Mobile App MVP
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It's quite insecure, I must of accidentally logged into someone's account.

(Don't worry @Xeborch I have not stolen your password and have used these images for an example)

Also I can't log into Google, so..... I can't use the app.

What do you call people who use
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@RoylatGnail Idk I thought we were just coders too

Default name challenge
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@mkhoi No, I created a new default repl.

Default name challenge
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@mkhoi I changed my defualt repl's name lol

Default name challenge
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So all I have to do is a dirty letter? ummmmmm

Minecraft on Replit
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@amasad Also, can you make GFX work for

(solved) Why is my Python stuff not working at all?
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Maybe you are using Microsoft Edge. Repl stopped supporting it.

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problems with reading from .env files
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Officially, will not support environment variables (.env) because it can be leaked. ( is the full screen version)

We don't load them for security reasons (can be leaked).
-timchen (

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Crypto: The Crypto Mining Tycoon with a Story
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@mkhoi The shop is fixed.

Root password for shell
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@21natzil Makes sense, who knows what we'll do with it?