John Doe

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I'm a 14yeo developer from Florida! I code in Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, C#, and Java.
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HTML function Issue?
line 32 of index/index.html is supposed to send a function to client.js. Client.js is not recieving it. What's going on?
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Please Help! When you press submit, it's supposed to run gameRender.html It only renders the canvas no the rest of the...
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Rotation help
So I'm making a multiplayer shooting game in javascript. I want to make the gun point torwards the mouse pointer. The gun is the little red rectangle...
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My game is randomly permanantly freezing a few minutes after I start. Can somebody help?
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Code not running!
if(data[i].health<=1) { socket.emit('dead', {pdata:data[i].username, id:data[i].lastAtt) That statement is causing the entire canvas to...
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Somebody help!
My code is not executing! Please help!