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The gun? A compiler. The bullets? My code. The zombie? My confidence.
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Seems legit

What is a variable?
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Random number game
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You just forgot to indent properly lines 26-29. Just add a space for those lines.

The perfect notebook online
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I suggest death

Will repl.it add electron.js
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@StudentFires oh 😬 lol I need to pay more attention to that kinda stuff I didn’t even notice all this time!! XD

Weeding Simulator
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how do I put my name on the repl.it
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Use a string.

variable="shehjsns jhaiiii"
Will repl.it add electron.js
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@blackcarter your staring it in the fac my friend lol. Repl.it and everything on it.

Will repl.it add electron.js
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@blackcarter .... so does every other thing on this site. It’s a vm. It’s supposed to be able to support stuff like that. Really the only thing that is stopping electron from working is that you need the chromesandbox- OH!!! OH OH OH I THINK I CAN MAKE THIS WORK!! O.O. Ooohhh my goshhh. Ok brb

Can we make a new Programming Language
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lots of text replacement and regex

I’m trying to make one with someone, but that’s what they are trying to do, and I don’t know how to break it to them that that’s bad and now I’m sad :(

You can ignore this post if you want thanks for listening or not either way thx.

Python Easter Egg
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from __future__ import braces

Are computers more random than humans?
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By his argument computers are equally random (or even more random) because they can produce different results with a prng based just on the time of day, but in the same sense computers are way less random, because the random numbers are still following an exact pattern, no matter how obscure(it’s called a prng for a reason, right?). The thing is though I know it’s possible to get purely random numbers, because in c++11 they have a class called random_device that is listed as a 'true' rng. Also I’m pretty sure ranlux(the algo) is supposed to have been proven to have no connection / correlation / whatever-you-call-it between numbers.

Im bad at Java oof
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@Thecrowbar1234 that name. I aspire to create such amazing program names someday.

Python3 interpreter
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L — nope no loop sorry.

Taking a final
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What language and how far are you?

Truth or dare?
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I dare you to belly flop on the high dive.

Truth or dare?
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@CodingCactus aw f. I thought that aloe was supposed to heelllppp :( I’m really sorry.

Truth or dare?
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@CodingCactus perfection lol. Eating the aloe.

easy database
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@ebest I’ve always thought of it this way: the amount of time a program is running can be measured in cpu cycles, so cycles are how much experience we have with the repl.it community. If you have been using repl.it for a super long time, but you haven’t really posted much, you’ll have an okay amount of cpu cycles, maybe 100 - 200, but if you are super active for the very short time you’ve been here, then you could have those 100-200 cycles. either way it shows that you at least know your way around the place. If you’ve been on here a short time with little to no activity, then you’ll have around 0, maybe 10 cycles, suggesting you essentially have absolutely no idea what’s going on right now or why there are check marks next to people’s posts to you question. Same could happen for someone who just doesn’t post at all: no cycles. Then there are people who have been here forever and are constantly posting who have massive amounts of cycles, 900 to over 1000 cycles, these are obviously the people who really know this site. They are very experienced. None of this is necessarily relates to coding skill. Just experience with repl.it, but still. Pretty cool.

all those ranges are fake, I have no idea what the actual numbers would be, those are just examples.

Random number game
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@CodingCactus thank you, have an upvote( or two)

Edit: or three XD

Random number game
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DP #2: Basic Dynamic Programming Problems
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There’s another one?

How do I add a file to the Multiplayer
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@CodingCactus it’s one of the roles you can select, like teacher or student. (I just have all the roles selected XD) Basically all it does is if there is a feature that is still in beta testing or whatever you call it, you get to use that feature and basically test it out for repl.it, at the sacrifice of maybe getting some buggy stuff.

How Repl works (specifically HTML repls)
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Just a little thing that I thought to add,,,,
Repl.it also has a little tool called run-project that makes program compilation far more uniform, determining the language type and what to compile / run for you. Also if you check all the hidden files on a repl, I’ve found a config file named .upm, which leads me to believe that the .replit file’s language argument is basically just being passed to that probably. So maybe it’s more like they just run-project everything and slap a partially configured .upm file on it.

Thank you to the repl.it team!
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Thank you so much repl.it! You literally have changed my life!!

C++: An Introduction
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Uh, quick thing: to fix your use of the markdown, just put a space in between the hashes and the actual thing you want to be shown as a header. Also do the same for the pluses in your list. When making a code black, you can actually have it have coding highlighting by putting the name of the language next to the top beginning block thing.



#### header text

Another thing, simply stating that an entire line is a comment can be a tad confusing for a beginner who’s never seen code or comments before, so for those of you who are still a little bit confused: what the OP is talking about and showing you is called a single line comment. comments don’t affect you code. To begin a single line comment in c++, simply place 2 forward slashes(//) in front of you comment like the OP demonstrated.

#include <iostream>
// fhdheu blah blah blah. Notice how this 'comment' will not stop until you
// make a new line, so be careful to always put it at the end of a line of
// code, or on a line by itself. 
Free Cycles
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Don’t let the mods see!!!

Also Coder100


What character encoding is used in repl for C++?
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Copy paste the character into the repl to use instead of using the character’s ascii code. Generally works. 🤷‍♂️

basic website
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@PowerCoder hmmm.. you definitely have a point there.

Standard Template Library (C++)
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YAY! It’s Here!