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Cool Loading Bar (PYTHON)
This Python code runs a cool looking loading bar in the console. It has no purpose though, except for looking cool and wasting your time. Enjoy!
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Shiritori Word Game (v1.0.0)!!!
The (almost) final version of the Shiritori Game that I have had in development for the past 3 weeks now! This version includes a difficulty scaler a...
IreoluwaRaufu (196) User Search
Inspired by @Zexogon 's absolutely wonderful repltalk leaderboard program, I also decided to try out @mat1 's repltalk package and make something of m...
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Shiritori Word Game (v0.8.0 Stable Release)
The second-to-final version of my Shiritori game. The next update will include a two-player mode and a difficulty slider.
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Animating w/ ASCII text! These are really simple, and I'll add more animations later, but for now, I challenge you to make your own!
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## The Mysterious Magic 8 ball! Speak your *greatest* queries into the Magic 8 Ball and have your mind put to ease knowing that such a powerful and k...
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Shiritori Word Game v0.6.0
I made an English version of the game Shiritori・英語しりとり! It's a really cool word game where you must challenge yourself to think of really long words t...
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CSS Buttons
A few weeks ago I set out to become proficient in web development, specifically JS and CSS, so I present to you the fruit of my labor (not really :/)....
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Cool Shape Painter Program
I made a simple (kinda) program that prints shapes defined by user input. It utilizes **classes and objects**. I did this as a bonus project for my **...
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Animating w/ Python (Tkinter)
I looked up some tutorials, did some google searches on Tkinter, then I made this in 8 minutes. (I timed myself.) Enjoy! (^.^)
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Phone Tech Support Bot
I have worked hard to create a tech support bot prototype. This bot is still in early BETA so it can only handle certain issues and conversational sit...
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Baseball Stat Manager
This repl can manage your baseball team stats! Select a menu option listed and enter your fantasy baseball stats. Created by Ire Raufu for AP CompSci...
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Lowering Cyclomatic Complexity
The **cyclomatic complexity** of a Python program is equal to the number of individual jumps in the code. This means that the more functions and If-El...
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Hello, World!
"Hello, World!" The classic beginner's statement in different languages. Enjoy! :)