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why cant i import pygame
posted to Ask by kevery1

When creating the repl, you should select pygame Then you will be able to use it.

One line posts
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Couldn't agree more, I've created great stuff on here but can't be bothered to share it simply cause I know it won't do well because people don't like advanced stuff on here, they'd rather make something with no real world application.

NEED Inspiration for Code
posted to Ask by SilentShadowBla

What kinda languages are you wanting to use?

Why is my website showing up with the replit robot saying 'run the repl' on my landing page
posted to Ask by 716green

Eh, sometimes it does this - It's a repl.it error and you can't fix it client side, just log out of repl.it, clear your cookies then open repl.it again, I think that should work.

What is the best place to learn NodeJs?
posted to Ask by RohilPatel

https://www.tutorialspoint.com/nodejs/index.htm is what I use, it's really easy to follow and has taught me a lot.

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I just had a seizure

hey im choppalover
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Anybody that is good at Programming doesn't say it out loud for people to know, people will make their own mind up. Also, your program has a tonne of errors in it. So in my opinion, you are not really good at programming.

shortest program
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Are we talking about the least amount of lines?

How do you plan your code?
posted to Ask by xolyon

Wait, you guys plan?

is it any good? suggestions? can u guys please help to make this game better its a choice...
posted to Ask by sloth01
  • Use the Getpass module to hide password input
  • Validate user input - I entered "-5" for my age, so it should notice that and not proceed.
how i need to write a program to calculate the area of triangle.
posted to Ask by chongwaiting

? I'm not sure what the purpose of this post is??

It's not a question - Cause you already have correct code

Tkinter error
posted to Ask by moranstephen

The code all seems to work fine(to me) it's just coming up with Display is not capable of DPMS, but it doesn't affect the program

Can someone help me make a Discord Moderation Bot?
posted to Ask by ZachariahIkenbe

Sure, DM me on Discord Linux_Lord#4020

repl mail: Email for repl.it
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Wow! I've come into so many problems when trying to send emails through replit. Nice Job and Thanks for this :)

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Not the hero we needed, but the hero we deserved

A Few Git Jokes to make your day
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@mwilki7 Yes! Lol, I've heard so many stories like that XD

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Awesome Job, I made a few edits to the setup/login part of it.

I imported the getpass module so that when the user enters the passcode, it is hidden from the display. Makes it more like an Unix login and more secure if you are sitting next to someone. You can see my version here https://repl.it/@JacksonCowie/WarhawkOS-1

School Canteen Website template
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This looks like your first website, Good Job and Take an upvote!

Asper Antivirus
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Very nice, I tested this with a virus and it found it perfectly, instead of putting it into quarantine a simpler way might be to just change the file extent to something useless, like a txt. That should render it harmless.

OS Project
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@Warhawk947 Take some tips from this!

DTC Chatbot
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How about a calculator or a magic 8 ball

Python Easter Egg
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@JoelMenezes Yeah That one is good as well!

OS Project
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This has the ability to takeover WarhawkOS @Warhawk947

New Challenge - One new website per day!
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@bramley stonks

New Challenge - One new website per day!
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Live stock data
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Awesome Job, the stocks are delayed by around 15 minutes anyway, since you are fetching it from the website, so a couple of seconds mean hardly anything.

The Hub
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Furthermore, you could have the functions in a separate file which will make it easier to read instead of having 1 big file.

Great job Though!

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@V3rmillionNet I already done that kinda, I used the C python module with Tkinter. I'll try and get it onto replit.

not show sub folder file
posted to Ask by arrbxr

I've had this problem before, replit doesn't add the subfolders, you just have to upload each folder.

Number Game
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@DiamondDude1 It's neither, just saying that people usually start with something simpler than that. I.e-A Hello World Program.