Shakespearean Insult Generator
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Thou art a gleeking fly-bitten varlet.

Thou art a jarring hell-hated harpy.

Thou art a mangled beetle-headed pumpion.

Thou art a rank sheep-biting bladder.

Thou art a roguish pottle-deep hugger-mugger.

Thou art a spongy bat-fowling dewberry.

Thou art a currish hedge-born harpy.

Thou art a venomed earth-vexing codpiece.

Thou art a spleeny knotty-pated pumpion.

Thou art a weedy tardy-gaited barnacle.

Thou art a puny ill-nurtured bugbear.

Thou art a froward base-court gudgeon.

Thou art a currish guts-griping bugbear.

Thou art a paunchy bat-fowling strumpet.

Thou art an infectious rude-growing pignut.

Thou art an artless tardy-gaited fustilarian.

Thou art an unmuzzled shard-borne puttock.

Thou art a weedy motley-minded lout.

Thou art a fobbing plume-plucked hugger-mugger.

Thou art a gorbellied hell-hated strumpet.

Thou art a bawdy idle-headed barnacle.

Thou art a quailing flap-mouthed clotpole.

Thou art a spongy clapper-clawed lewdster.

Thou art a ruttish shard-borne malt-worm.

Thou art an unmuzzled hasty-witted horn-beast.

Thou art a currish ill-nurtured maggot-pie.

Thou art a venomed pox-marked moldwarp.

Thou art a currish clapper-clawed jolthead.

Thou art a weedy milk-livered canker-blossom.

Thou art a wayward shard-borne flap-dragon.

Thou art a pribbling milk-livered apple-john.

Thou art a wayward base-court barnacle.

Thou art a vain hell-hated haggard.

Thou art an impertinent beetle-headed moldwarp.

Thou art a tottering pox-marked pigeon-egg.

Thou art a ruttish doghearted haggard.

Thou art a reeky hedge-born lewdster.

Thou art a goatish motley-minded apple-john.

Thou art a bawdy hell-hated bum-bailey.

Thou art a fobbing base-court scut.

Thou art a cockered common-kissing minnow.

Thou art a rank pottle-deep skainsmate.

Thou art a yeaty earth-vexing moldwarp.

Thou art a wayward onion-eyed bladder.

Thou art a dankish beef-witted moldwarp.

Thou art a bootless hedge-born bum-bailey.

Thou art a yeaty dread-bolted mammet.

Thou art a spleeny tardy-gaited jolthead.

Thou art a tottering rump-fed haggard.

Thou art a warped flap-mouthed minnow.

Thou art a dissembling onion-eyed varlet.

Thou art a venomed earth-vexing pignut.

Thou art a puny boil-brained canker-blossom.

Thou art a churlish rough-hewn bum-bailey.

Thou art a venomed fool-born wagtail.

Thou art a droning idle-headed vassal.

Thou art a vain hell-hated flirt-gill.

Thou art a gorbellied rump-fed mumble-news.

Thou art a jarring crook-pated clotpole.

Thou art a dankish rough-hewn ratsbane.

Thou art a surly fool-born ratsbane.

Thou art a beslubbering rude-growing malt-worm.

Thou art a fobbing beetle-headed miscreant.

Thou art a puking fool-born vassal.

Thou art a gleeking knotty-pated lewdster.

Thou art a gorbellied pox-marked ratsbane.

Thou art a spleeny milk-livered giglet.

Thou art a froward rude-growing death-token.

Thou art a surly bat-fowling moldwarp.

Thou art an unmuzzled weather-bitten haggard.

Thou art a goatish spur-galled bugbear.

Thou art a rank earth-vexing bum-bailey.

Thou art a ruttish hell-hated boar-pig.

Thou art a mammering elf-skinned bladder.

Thou art a dankish reeling-ripe lout.

Thou art a gleeking beef-witted coxcomb.

Thou art a puny hedge-born hugger-mugger.

Thou art a pribbling base-court hedge-pig.

Thou art a jarring rough-hewn clotpole.

Thou art a gorbellied fool-born clack-dish.

Thou art an impertinent tickle-brained death-token.

Thou art a quailing reeling-ripe pignut.

Thou art a paunchy knotty-pated giglet.

Thou art a paunchy fly-bitten strumpet.

Thou art an impertinent knotty-pated bum-bailey.

Thou art a ruttish urchin-snouted pignut.

Thou art a craven dizzy-eyed pigeon-egg.

Thou art a wayward boil-brained haggard.

Thou art a yeaty guts-griping varlet.

Thou art a mangled bat-fowling vassal.

Thou art a mammering guts-griping moldwarp.

Thou art a churlish dismal-dreaming giglet.

Thou art an unmuzzled idle-headed scut.

Thou art a rank urchin-snouted strumpet.

Thou art a gleeking hasty-witted scut.

Thou art a surly pox-marked lout.

Thou art a clouted pox-marked flap-dragon.

Thou art a jarring dismal-dreaming pignut.

Thou art a wayward knotty-pated apple-john.

Thou art a jarring beetle-headed skainsmate.

Connect4 - PyGame Edition (8-Bit Graphics!)
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@HarveyH thank you!!

Connect4 - PyGame Edition (8-Bit Graphics!)
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I know this was posted a while ago but how do you put images into a file like you did here? (I'm making my first game in pygame right now)

Post-it notes, kind of
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I would make it not rotate. That is literally the ONLY thing I would change. Awesome game

TypeError: 'builtin_function_or_method' object is not subscriptable (hellp)
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@forthethethethe oh. I fixed that but it must not have updated here

TypeError: 'builtin_function_or_method' object is not subscriptable (hellp)
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@forthethethethe The problem I was having was in what would happen is you would win the level and it wouldn't load level_2. (level_2 doesn't have much of anything yet but it still should load

AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'isOver'
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@SixBeeps im trying to take from a video from Tech with Tim that briefly skims the basics, thanks for your help

How can I add PNGs
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@ash15khng thanks this really helped

007 game
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@Highwayman, maybe you're thinking of someone else who made a similar game. This is my first release on repl talk

The Story Of Geoff PREVIEW
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@Japoll246 forgot to add, you should make a playagain feture, for example:
playagain = n
while playagain == n:
print("would you like to playagain? (y/n)
fred = input("-------->")
or something like that so we dont have to exit and re-enter to play again.

The Story Of Geoff PREVIEW
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@RayvelArjoon I agree completely and as a semi-armature coder I know some of these things but hope to use more, there is at least one typo I found two but good game!