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Mining Simulator Section-1
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@DJWang if you click enter while regenerating and then stop and don't do anything it keeps auto mining for you

How to use random Module Full Tutorial
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Guessing game
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Nice game but when it asked me to play again and I said yes it gave me an Error look at the one I posted a few days ago If I posted it.

🎉 Announcing about:you; !🎉

What code language is a hackathon used for?

Weekly Repls (1-12-2020)
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Thanks for recognising me! I will continue to make great content.

Python Easter Egg
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@JacksonCowie have you tried import that ?

Game Lagger
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Rock Paper Scissors
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rock, paper, scissors.
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Its nice but you can improve look at this it might help https://repl.it/talk/share/Rock-Paper-Scissors/25221 (Just saying I can type any thing like Not Paper and it wont work that's a thing you should work on.)

drinker detector
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Ask them what country there in because some place have different ages EX america I belive its 21 Canada it is 19 but some places 18.

rock, paper, scissors.
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Make it say Enter a Choice Rock, Paper or Scissor because I thought it was broken