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@JordanDixon1 (412) • Lebanon High School
16 year old programmer. Main programming language is python. I love to program games and websites.
How To Make A True Coding Language: Part 1
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@BobNeo @CSharpIsGud @CodeSalvageON Listen, heated discussions are not the reason repl.it was made. It was meant for making and sharing projects. It was meant for people that don't want to install the programming language on their computer that may be around 200mb! Also, I do believe CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is good, however, the keyword is constructive. You don't need to create a post about how someone else's post is invalid and wrong. You can simply comment on their post suggesting the name be changed to something different. @LoganSpong s module is actually really good, and although he may have the description wrong, it can still be really helpful for developers. I am working with him on making his module on pypi and I hope to see it on there soon. Anyway, I don't mean to point fingers, harass, or anything like that. I am simply trying to put an end to this heated discussion.

Java RPG
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I would suggest learning java swing so you can actually add a gui to the game. Other than that its great.

repl chat: Integrated global chat for repl.it
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How do I make a chat for only me and my friends? In other words, how do I make a private chat after I fork the repl?

Unblocker V2
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@eekboi lol.

Are computers more random than humans?
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Computers are not that random if you think about it. Humans can calculate the algorithm by which computers randomly choose something (computers are made by humans which means that somebody had to code it how to be random.) On top of all this, computers go by the same program over and over again while humans are affected by different stimuli such as: life events, choices, etc. In this case, the computer is coded to evenly distribute clicks, if a bar goes above another then it tries to make up for it.

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@launcherman08 thanks. ^_^

Bee Movie Script (java)
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This is hillarious

[100 CYCLE SPECIAL] How to use MongoDB PYTHON

@NoelBryan If you have python on your computer you could also use base64 encoding, decoding and then compile the file and import it then.

[100 CYCLE SPECIAL] How to use MongoDB PYTHON

@Warhawk947 heres the link on how to decode base64 after decoding it: https://repl.it/@JordanDixon1/PythonB64Pass make sure you go to main.py instead of main.sh. After you understand the way base64 is decoded you could use an encoder and encode the password then you could compile the python file which then you could import as a module.

import main


from main import *

And there ya go.

[100 CYCLE SPECIAL] How to use MongoDB PYTHON

@Warhawk947 lol, that's hilarious. I don't feel too safe doing that though. Maybe if we also encoded it in base64 maybe?? And then we could compile using the bash/python command:

python3 -m compileall
The Mandelbrot Set as seen on the Complex Plane
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Not bad. It's very satisfying to be honest. XD

Anyone want to make a repl together?
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I would love to join! I have a lot of experiance in python and I have been DYING to get a project to work with someone on.

Web Unblocker
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@Evanlicious here is v2 it has shift keys like the @ symbol, however you have to type it in the cmd line interface.

Web Unblocker
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@Evanlicious This is good, however there is still none of the shift-only keys like the @ symbol. In V2 of my post I made it possible.

Internet system
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Traceback (most recent call last): File "main.py", line 184, in <module>
File "main.py", line 73, in start
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/runner/Internet'

Are computers more random than humans?
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@Coder100 The thing is though, everyone has a different life and different experiances. The reason why humans are less random today is because everyone wants to be like everyone else: this is called the "Social Contract" everyone is taught to like the same stuff, talk the same way, etc. However if none of this was at play then it would become truly random, as every person would have a different answer.

School Canteen Website template
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granted that this is a template and should be edited to add these things by the people using the template:
1. CSS. CSS is a major part of styling websites to make them more like a website and less like a piece of paper (No offense I think this template is awesome.)
2. JS. JS may or may not be needed, however it still is very nice to have that way you can certain things like: what the date is today, when the document was last edited, etc.
3.<a> tags. This template seems to be missing some <a> tags. ._. like on today's lunch and contact us.

(Just note this is constructive criticism and not hate. I'm not butchering you in any way, I'm just suggesting changes.)

How to create EXE's from Python!
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@SethikaKodithuw This is true... I don't know why it does this but I will find a work around and tell you as soon as I do.

Official 🌑 Night v3.0 🌕 Tutorial
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You could also make custom file extensions that can be run on python and c. (If run on python and/or c you must import a module.)

EasyDB.io: one click database
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I suggest using remotemysql.com

Superhero Generator
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Superhero Generator Ultimate Super Infity Deluxe
Your Superhero Name is Cyclone Rocket
Your Superheros Statistics are:
Strength: 19
Endurance: 115
Virtue: 57
Wisdom: 188
Your Overall Power is: 379
You are Division B: You will protect us against monsters that threaten communities. You shall also help dealwith major terrorist groups and threats and help against dangerous individuals on the loose. Go on Hero...
Your Superpowers are Incredible Combat Skill and Dashing Good Looks!
Your Weakness is that you have a Low Self-Esteem
You will help us in our dark times and us good citizens shall look up to you in great admiration and love. We will always support you and we will sing songs in your name and erect statues in your honour. Go on Hero...MAKE US PROUD!

[Beta 1.0] repl.email - an exclusive, but fully functional email service
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This is amazing... How did you get a custom domain name?

[100 CYCLE SPECIAL] How to use MongoDB PYTHON

@Warhawk947 Yep. I don't think you can do it in Repl.it but I know you can do it on windows, Linux, or mac (with python of course.) Repl.it doesn't allow you to look at home/runner files or something like that soooo.

[100 CYCLE SPECIAL] How to use MongoDB PYTHON

@Warhawk947 That would be me XD but yeah that would work for most of the programmers out there.

New in Basic: Sound, high resolution, and clean syntax
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So is this the only thing that allows for audio on repl.it? Or could we add support for pygame/python? I was hoping I could play audio files on repl.it Python.

[100 CYCLE SPECIAL] How to use MongoDB PYTHON

@CoolJames1610 At first my mind went to Bcrypt. Unfortunately though, we have to test the password against a string so the password is still visible...

[100 CYCLE SPECIAL] How to use MongoDB PYTHON

One slight problem... The database password is open for all to see!!! If only there was a way to encrypt it but be able to have anyone use the application....

JavaScript tutorial!
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@Zuhdi28 A little. I know some jquery, besides I can always use google XD

JavaScript tutorial!
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@Zuhdi28 either one.

G.O.O.S.E 2: Operation "Overload" (300 cycles special)
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@DynamicSquid (Has no clue what you guys are talking about... But nods head anyway.*) XD