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everybody gangsta till you forget to put a semicolon on line 42 https://linktr.ee/JuanR4140
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Coders wanted for a NEW game! (IslandEscape)
I am proud to introduce everyone to a new project that has started development... on 3/19/20 at 11:00 PM EST (it's a really young repl) but if we can...
JuanR4140 (28)
Website Passer - A New Way to Share Links with Yourself
We've all been there. You're watching a video on your phone and it suddenly reaches 15% battery, or worse yet, 5%. Or maybe you're out somewhere and y...
JuanR4140 (28)
A Fairly Simple To Do Website
# Intro (or something) So I recently started to learn JavaScript, and decided to take what I learnt and used it to make a simple website. So why not m...
JuanR4140 (28)
What's PyPosts? ~~basically PlogoGram but on the console~~ Inspired from @RohilPatel 's PlogoGram, PyPosts! You can create a post, and anyone can see...
JuanR4140 (28)
PyPeeps is inspired by the Miis from the Wii (although you don't customize your character :P) Anyways, I added lots of stuff and it exceeded over 500...
JuanR4140 (28)
Guess The Number project (Python)
I have finally finished my Guess The Number project on Python. Let me know what you think :/. Also, this is was more difficult than I thought it was g...