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@Kai_Justice (182) • Harvard University
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@ParthGoel1 Caps lock or are you just really enthusiastic about lists?

Looking for a Team?
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I think I meet all the requirements though I have a question about one of them, does "Understand maps and player movements." refer to nested lists? example

debug infinity loop output
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Link the project you need help with.

how would i do this?
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@dominicl645 Aight just wanna make sure because it's also against the rules, though I don't think they enforce it as much anymore.

how would i do this?
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newName = []
# Turns the variable firstName into a list (ex. Kai -> ['K', 'a', 'i'])
# Then it starts to iterate through the list.
for char in list(firstName):
    # then if the char is "i" or "o" then you capitalize it.
    if char in ["i", "o"]:
        # turns current char to uppercase version (ex. "i" -> "I")
        char = char.upper()
    # adds the char to the list newName
#     VVVVVVV Joins the list into a string and prints it


Vibe Checker
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This is what humanity needs.

More issues running the panel
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@OliverMcLoughli Repl.it definitely won't be able to run this any better than your pc, unless your pc happens to have less than 500mb ram this won't be a better option.
Specs per repl:

Rock, Paper and Scissors Game
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me likely

Human Worth Calculator
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@TaylorLiang If that's the case then if all of humanity was valued at a price then we'd be worth around : 9.03e+14 nonillion.

Human Worth Calculator
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You are worth $300001300013000130001!
Me likely

subroutine in line 74 not running, first input lines running twice.
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When you import main you are causing a loop, when you import a file it'll execute all functions within the file so if you import main you'll be executing the op_cycle() function. You also don't need to import a global variable as it's not declared under any function or class. So just don't import a file into itself.

Also for the second problem you had, 'int' is not iterable it's an easy fix to iterate over integers: for x in range(fights):

it's usually bad practice to import a file under a function because that function will import that file every time it's called, so every time you use the fight function it would import 4 times.

why not working
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On line 93 you have month==12, it should be month = 12.

days-31 and month=11

doesn't work, you have to set them by themselves.

days = 30
month = 11

I also suggest beautifying your code, adding spaces in if statements, adding spaces when settings variables variable = 1, Though it's entirely optional and just for readability.

how to code ????
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I learned most of what I know off of Progate. It's mostly the basics before you have to sign up for a subscription. The rest of what I know is mostly self taught, and gained through wanting to make cooler stuff. I started coding around 2 years ago.

Please Stop With Cycle Fanaticism
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@roylatgnail PleAsE sIR SpArE SOme CyClEs!

guess your password
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@Nettakrim Absolutely amazing.

Would anyone like to do a python story game with me?
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If possible I'd like to help!

Alien Talk Part 1
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me like

Also good luck on learning python!

Human Worth Calculator
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@TaylorLiang Hmmm yes, 12 shekles for that one

My console is acting all weird, and I cannot tell if it is only me seeing this.
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@NoelBryan Have you tried making the console larger or opening the console in another page? And if so does it look the same or does it exhibit a difference glitch?

how do i
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How do you?

Maze Game Cycle Farming
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Amazing detective work.

Also, I require screenshots.

Can you learn Lua in general to create games on Roblox studios?
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The short answer to your question is yes, though i'm not too knowledgeable. I've looked into it and knowing the basics would help you get into scripting for roblox, garry's mod, etc.

I don't understand what is wrong with my dictionary in python
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Replace the = with :, right now you're attempting to assign "Town Market" to ZONENAME as if it were a variable.

You also need to add commas to the end of a few of the entries

zonemap = {
  'a1': {
    ZONENAME : "Town Market",
    DESCRIPTION : 'Welcome to the Town Market.',
    EXAMINATION : 'examine',
    solved : False,
    up : '',
    down : 'b1',
    left : '',
    right : 'a2',

I suggest skimming through the project for errors like this.

how can i invite friend
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When in a repl the button left of the run button, the invite button allows you to add others. Put in their repl username to add them.

help me
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America Simulator 2000
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I can confirm, as an American that this is accurate.

BEAN language
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Funny Conversation
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I think I almost died of funny while reading this.