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Text to spech python, Help
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Did you try this?
You are using pip version 9.0.1, however version 18.0 is available.
You should consider upgrading via the 'pip install --upgrade pip' command.

My python repl isn't working...
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How is it working now? I think your issue is the fact that it is looking for you to input an integer but you are entering a string therefore the error

To fix this:
remove the int() on your inp input

Also: if q is set to an integer earlier you need to specify this later

like this:
if inp == str("q")

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On line 5 you put intut instead of input :)

1.1 input/print
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Hey! this is a simple error, instead of having input(input "numbers please:")
You should have: print("numbers please:") this will show this message on the screen without asking for an input because that input would be useless. but if you did want them to for example press enter to continue your statement should look like this:
input = input("numbers please:") I hope this was helpful :)

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I would recommend downloading Win-Python it works great with pygame

Number Guess Game
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You should add an option to play again!!

Student Becomes the Teacher
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This is super cool great solution!

What else could I do in python? (again)
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@HarveyH no problem

What else could I do in python? (again)
posted to Ask by HarveyH

1 thing that I have found to be super helpful is to solve problems!
there is a website called kattis where you can find different problems to solve!
It's SUPER fun

import files
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@kabirdas I don't know much about making data frames but maybe @amasad can help!

import files
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What programming language are you using and can you link the repl here?

1.1 input/print
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Use the print statement that I mentioned and while inputting numbers type in one hit enter then the next etc. Could you link the actual repl here as well?

Pricing details
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@AndyMiles I tagged someone who might be able to help I'm not sure why you can't see it?

Pricing details
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How do you say the name of this site?
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@timmy_i_chen I'm glad to have confirmation that I haven't been saying it wrong!

The online adventure of...
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You should use the command .upper on your inputs to make them not case sensitive! also a small thing on your exit commands you need to have it as sys.exit() or it won't work properly Whenevr reading the text that the game makes it becomes kind of hard to read it as a paragraph try using the command \n at the end of your inputs ("still in the parentheses and quotes\n")

Ghost Game
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This is cool! you should make an option to play again without having to run it again!

house cake rocket
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Sweet! drawing in this so annoying i'm impressed!

Multiplayer MineSweeper
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This is amazing!

Have a problem with only this IDE.
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Can you link the repl here?

decoder game
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Can you make it where I can have multiple guesses like 3?

Happy Eid
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This is cute lol

Mah Calculator
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Hey whenever I press enter I get an error can you check that out?

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Next challenge for you!

What if I enter a number that isn't 1-10?

Try to create an error message!

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HTML paragraph exercise
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it works great!

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This is amazing! I love it!!

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but you don't think you can make your chess board work cmon!

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@LightninMcQuade Add a try and except for your inputs also because if I don't input a number 0-8 the game crashes and we wouldn't want that :)