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Ayyy! Glad you checked me out! I'm an avid Python coder, 10 years old, and could chat all day. :)
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A quick guide to the gTTS Library.
Ok, have you ever wanted a voice in your repl? I'm here to help. This is.. # gTTS for people who don't have time! gTTS stands for Google Text-to-Spe...
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Emoticon Dictonary
Um.. Comment down below some emoticons to add!!
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I decided to make an OS for my.. # My 100 CYCLE SPECIAL! #### Sidenote: 10 years old Also, I know this is not an OS. K? Don't want what happened on m...
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EeveeScript Tutorial Part 1
# EeveeScript Beta 1.0 ___ EeveeScript is a programming language based off of Assembly, but easier. ## Key qualities * Jumping - Like functions, but l...
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My New Coding Language (Spanish Edition, No mark down)
Primero, tengo 10 años. No esperes mucho. Ok, esta es mi primera publicación y puse mucho trabajo duro en esto. Inspyre es un lenguaje de codificació...
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Ball Collecter
This is a little game I made in Python. collect 'em all! For some reason, it is duplicating the ball count. I'll try to fix it. If you liked this, ch...
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The Dots & Boxes Physics Engine
A little Physics engine. ## Controls: B to place a ball. C to place a cube. Space to reset. Z to mix it up! R in randomize the colors. Drag to Move...