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How I solved the Secret Announcement

Thanks for the upvotes!

The Snowflake Programming Language
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It's finally here

Do you like games?
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+1 for the nicely asked question. 75% of the posts we get these days are spam. Makes sense to reward the good ones.

Developer Spotlights - Breloom watches you in your room!

WATCHES ME IN MY ROOM wtf stop making up creepy lines just so they rhyme

Portfolio Site Template
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I used to think it's impossible to be good at CSS

A webpage
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Aww that's sweet.

I am creating a project for my students
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I have heard the same question several times on repl talk. Can you somehow confirm you're a teacher? Also, sharing code is not in the spirit of repl talk. We just nudge you in the right direction, giving advice and/or resources. Thanks you for your patience

Valkyrie: no more APIs.
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you might want to chmod +x valk.sh

Identing HUGE chunks of code with shortcuts (SOLVED)
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@mkhoi also, you can press F1 after you select the text to get many options, including indent and outdent lines

How Did YOU Find Repl.it
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I had to program on dad's office laptop once and I couldn't install anything there. A quick Google search landed me here. Now I use repl.it even if I'm on my PC

Update on EasyCTF
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Sign me up as a competitor

#WEEKLY yay math
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@AmazingMech2418 so im not the only person to overdo things. Good to know

#WEEKLY Week 5
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statistics.mean.. that's creative

Repl DB
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If anyone needs help with setting up the DBMS, hmu! I've translated the DBMS so I know how stuff works.

Introducing EasyCTF - A Cybersecurity "Capture the Flag" Competition
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To be a maintainer or a participant, that is the question.

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The import random line is idiomatically written at the top of the program.

also, It should be random.randrange(1,4) and not just randrange.
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#WEEKLY binary arithmetic because why not
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@PXY oh sorry.. I thought the variables were named well enough... x and y for numbers, f for a function, t for a tuple, dec for number of decimal places and so on.

#WEEKLY but different [[FIXED]]
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@AmazingMech2418 recursion does allow many possibilities.

#WEEKLY binary arithmetic because why not
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@PXY thank you!
Sorry for the bad readability :( was never my forte. Atleast you ger gratification after figuring it out!

Perhaps I stressed conciseness too much

#WEEKLY but different [[FIXED]]
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@qsa And I thought I went overboard... This is too arcane for my eyes.

#WEEKLY but different [[FIXED]]
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@qsa I totally understand. A solution may not be arrived at without looping/recursion of any kind. Recursion may not encourage more creativity as there's only so many ways you can add numbers. Blocking recursion might give even more diverse solutions out of the desire to be different from the inverse croud. Something like @PYer 's logarithm addition

That said. It is theoritically impossible to achieve multiplication without loops. This question is more about finding loopholes than writing algorithms smh

Know about Covid-19 & its exponential growth + A Checklist ( JAM #9 )
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Great job with the submission! Keep the efforts up.

A bad hashing algorithm
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Good work! Glad to be of assistance. Gotta define badhash(1), badhash(0) and check if I can reverse-engineer it tomorrow

why isent this right
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Python uses a different range syntax. For example, to count from 0 to 9, the code is for i in range(10):
If you want to start from 1, you can always do for i in range(1,10):
Which will give the same result are for i in [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9]:
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Using .txt files in python
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Files made programmatically don't really update on repl.it. I'd suggest using an external database such as PostgreSQL or even google sheets API

Repl.it Mobile App
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You got my upvote

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Congratulations to the winners! Make sure to give your games a future!

Java outputting long string when using Scanner
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in lines 40 and 42, note that input is a scanner object and not a string. You might want to replace input with word in those two lines. Upvote and/or mark as answer if this helps!

Python "Builtin_function_or_method" error! Help!
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same with len[chars]