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I don't feel so good Mr. Stirling...
Nice game tho.

Banking Simulator
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Very nice game. It's very polished and detailed.

Mining Simulator v1
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Nice. You should add a currency system (rather than using stone to buy stuff).

Speed Typer
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Woo! -61.5 points, I'm a pro!

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I'll make sure to use this if I ever become a dictator of a country. Thanks/

Falcon Industries Software!
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@LynnOng I happen to have a encrypting machine I made myself : https://repl.it/@LynnOng/C-MESH
It's almost uncrackable. (By humans)

Falcon Industries Software!
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New here and I'd really like to begin learning how to program a basic game please?
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Do you have any programming background?
If not then I suggest Python or Javascript.

You can make (Visual) games with Python's PyGame, Lua's Love2D, or HTML 5.
If you're looking for Text-Based Adventures then any language works.
But what ever you do. Don't Try Java.

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Use an anchor <a href = "page2.html"> Click Here </a>
Or use Javascript

<script> window.location = "page2.html"; </script>

Make sure both HTML files are in the same folder.

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As far as I know this is not an AI.
It's still fun though.

Can I remove languages "I write" from my profile?
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You can try deleting the replit(s) that you forked.
From your profile it seem like you don't know many languages, python is a really easy language for beginners, you should learn it.

Here's is the site I used : https://www.codecademy.com/

Here's some other sites :

How Did YOU Find Repl.it
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@PYer HTML 5, Python and Lua.

How Did YOU Find Repl.it
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I was looking for suitable online compilers when I stumbled upon this one.

Gold Clicker
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Very nice. Here's some things you can do to make it better.
Make it not case sensitive using the .upper() or .lower() function.
Encrypt the save codes. You can use my encryption tool : https://repl.it/@LynnOng/C-MESH
When using the print function instead of doing print("Hello World") Do print("\nHello World") This would make reading text easier for the user.

Number Guesser
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User Interface could use some work, other than that, this is good.

Quiz game
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How do I lower the difficulty?

Stock Trading Simulator
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Nice. I happen to made one too. https://repl.it/@LynnOng/Stock-Trading-Game

Space Turtle!
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"Eat the Balls" May not be the best catchphrase here.

Python3 is constantly interpreted?
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It's an Indenting Error.
When you're indenting use TABS not SPACES.
If you would like to change that press the gear icon in the menu on the left.

Fixed Code https://repl.it/@LynnOng/Fixed-Thing

If you're looking to generate worlds then feel free to implement this program into your code.
It generate things based on the samples given.

style.css stylesheet not updating in Internet Explorer
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Try this

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">
    <link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
  <body style = "background:pink; color:pink">
    <script src="script.js"></script>
    <h1>Hello World</h1>
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10/10 Would Click Again.

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Link to repl?

Minecraft I Guess
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It O.K.

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What Language are you using.

If you're using Python or Lua then no. (Not without Modules)
But if you use JavaScript you can with LocalStorage.

Here's more info about Local Storage (Web Storage) : https://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_webstorage.asp

Here's a good wrapper for local storage : https://github.com/andris9/jStorage/blob/master/README.md

Coding project, HELP
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You got it rough man.

For starters on AI I recommend this series on youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZX2Hyu5WoFg&t=526s

I also don't recommend using repl.it for this case because the Task requires you to use python. Python in repl.it (excluding turtle) has no visual aspect expect for text.

Here's a link to python's main webpage: https://www.python.org/ (You might find inspiration)

Lastly, try not to give up. 2 Weeks is an insanely short timespan for such a project.
But if you try hard enough you might make it.

Input not work
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Sorry if I'm late to the party, I polished the code a bit.

For normal tasks such as tasks inside this code, I recommend using normal Python3 because it gives more information in case of syntax errors.

I also recommend training your students to master easier and more common phrases such as "number == '5 '" rather than start with more rarer ones like "number is '5' '".

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Try This:

d = int(input())

c = int(input())

ca = int(input())

print(str(d)+str(ca)) and print(str(c)+str(ca))

I can't give you any more than that. I'll need to know more about the code and what you're trying to do.
Hope this helps.