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CoronaStream: A movie, tv show, and video streaming website.
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#WEEKLY 11-Dictionary
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Not enough people are talking about how clever these definitions are. I mean, come on!

Palm Tree (noun)
A kind of tree that grows in tropical regions and has a straight, tall trunk and many large hands at the top of the trunk.

Repl.it Community Year In Review
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Horrible Idea generator that kinda works
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Frantically searches for a way to downvote

Working Chatroom
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The chat currently isn't working.

Methods For Replit Dark Mode
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#4: Shine a lamp into your eyes to blind yourself so everything looks dark.

Tracking Users
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@Bookie0 Hopefully the Americans don't get to know my location, I am holding some hostages in my basement and it would be a shame if anybody were to notice. Hope that doesnt happen haha!!

What's the next password?
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@Dart20 Instead of writing a new comment every time, you could edit your previous comment so Zavexeon doesn't get too... VEXED! (by pings)

CoronaStream: A movie, tv show, and video streaming website.
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@AgastyaSandhuja haha i was like hmm.. surely SHARING CORONA shouldn't be a good thing!

Halloween Challenge (1 day only!) 🎃🎃🎃
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Here's my cool Halloween repl. (i'm not the best at front-end development)


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@Highwayman riffed to beg

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@theangryepicbanana Ah, I see now; now it's in Ask. Well, at least you found a workaround! :)

(The main point of my posting this - I saw a racist post about Asians and dogs posted in Announcements by someone not on the staff, and I naturally took offense)

DOTON - Events made simple for JS.
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Can't you just use jquery's .on?

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@Highwayman Eff, go be dirt.

Looking for a coding group
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What language?

colorful double helix
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@RayvelArjoon What are you talking about? You're saying that JS can link to HTML and CSS. Oh WoW JaVaScRiPt Is A fRoNt-EnD cOdInG lAnGuAgE wHiLe jAvA iSn'T!!! Java is usually used for the back-end, so they are not comparable (in this case). Also, yes Java takes more time but that doesn't mean it's stupid. Python is quick-and-easy but I hate it because of its indentation policy. Also, this isn't even "proper graphics". This is just a fun little thing he made in the console. Tell me, what "proper" graphics can you do with JavaScript besides the web page? Java can be used with LWJGL, JavaFX, Slick2D, etc. for computer games. Also, you can make Android apps with Java. Meanwhile, here we are using JavaScript for what? Oh wow a text box can move omg so cool.

Tracking Users
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@yeetuscleetus no please i might release them if you give me some gummy bears

repl mail: Email for repl.it
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Very nice! Would give it an E (mail).

A Python Fishtank
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What's the next password?
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@Dart20 You don't need to pay to verify your account. Account verification just means that repl.it sends you an email just to verify that you, the owner of the account, are also the owner of the email the account is associated with.

Why do you use repl?
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Because my school doesn't let us download anything on our Chromebooks, so I looked up online IDE and found this amazing site.

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This is a cool program, could you explain how it works? I'm familiar with the equation f(z) = z^2 + c or something like that, but I'm not sure I quite understand what's happening in this program.

A React Calculator!
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@MrEconomical Yas papa get him

Repl.it Talk Glitch
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@PDanielY Ahh my favorite response ever:

EJS Example
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Can you use EJS on the front-end? For example, if I want to open a modal with certain parameters, could I use EJS?

EJS Example
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@Vandesm14 Could you programmatically change the name of the document in the index.js file?

How do I make just the classes I want to run run?
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@Geocube101 Should be noted that class_name should be ClassName. and he needs a main method.

P.S. class_name doesn't have to be

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Super simplified:

n = int(input("Enter in a number"))
for i in range(15):
    if n % i:
        print("Your number " + str(n) + " is NOT divisible by " + str(i))
        print("Your number " + str(n) + " is divisible by " + str(i))