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"What do you mean x is not defined? IT'S RIGHT THERE!!!"
A loading screen I made a while ago
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@Vandesm14 @techde Woah guys, chill, techde, I appreciate you defending me, but you don't need to fight with a mod, rules are rules, and I appreciate all feedback.

A loading screen I made a while ago
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@DynamicSquid Yeah, I've heard of curses.h, but I've never spent to much time learning it. Learning web programing now though, hopefully I can use it to make some really cool stuff!

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Here are the things I do understand:
The long wait after pressing 'play'

but I also have a couple tips, and a big one is to use MULTIPLE files. This can shorten compile time and improve readability overall. You also might want to:
1. Use classes (, if your not going to use classes, use C instead of C++.
2. Avoid having too many variables, a good practice is to use classes from the C++ STL(Standard Template Library) such as vector and map.
3. DON'T using namespace std; it completely defeats the purpose of the namespace in the first place.
4. Use pointers(! These guys are amazing! Learn how to use them effectively, they can vastly improve performance.

These are just a few tips I have for you, use them to optimoize your code, and try to figure out how to optimize it further. If you have no idea what I was talking about, I recommend dedicating a little more time to learning C++/C. Not bad for a first project though! Let me know if you have any questions

✌️ Introduce Yourself ✌️
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FINALLY! another C++ programer in this comunity, nice brain teaser!

🐶Introduce yourself! 🐶
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Alright, I am a Object Oriented Addict, I love Object oriented programing. Too bad you need to know something other than c++ to get an actual job. PHP looks interesting enough. Also, me and my freind keep getting into an argument on which language is better, I say C++ because it is one of the fastest, most flexible programing languages. My freind say JavaScript because it is easy to learn and good for server and client side applications.

Ad infinitum
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@epicman702 Yeah, exactly!

Windows Mac node.js edition
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It does look like you spent a good amount of time on this, but that's not an operating system. An operating system manages (deep breath):
GUI, memory adresses, user input, networking(opens, closes, and sends information through ports), security, uses kernel to interface with hardware, manages boot and POST on startup, manages storage, feeds CPU commands from RAM, opens and closes applications and frees memory that is not in use, takes care of audio using drivers provided by manufactiuring, uses graphics drivers, and for when the computer doesn't have a graphics card it will need default drivers... just to name a few. Nice try though!

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Wow, I didn't know that there were time travelers in!

Detecting keypresses in c++ without pressing enter

@ChimaNwosu1 use a switch statement:
you can get the actual char key press by casting it like so:
int key = keypress();
std::cout << (char)key << std::endl;

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@nt998302 Yeah, people dont realize how strong OOP (object oriented programing) can be, maked everything much easier :D.

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@nt998302 Thanks :D

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The numbers you see are the population size, the numbers with commas are the corresponding mutations of each creature: Speed, Size,luck. Luck gives a chance to survive after finding no food