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Username Change
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You have to contact Replit ([email protected]) and you will get a special link for changing your username.

Guide to Asking Coding Questions
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@SPQR In the future, might add tags and you can also join the Discord server and the Repl Talk bot sometimes tells you the language. I could add "include programming language in body", but I'm not sure if that would help.

First Official Art: MULTIPLAYER
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Wow, this artist is so talented.

Guide to Asking Coding Questions
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@XavierDD Below the Posts header line

👋✨Introduce yourself 🎉😀
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Hello, i'm Nathan R (Mosrod), and I like coding Python, hanging out on Discord, and doing random things on my computer. I love using, and it is very efficient to work on code from the cloud!

👾We're hosting a Game Jam! 👾
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@KiKUP You can start coding now. CodeJam Event #5
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@nicholasBolen This CodeJam is not a team event, so you can't work with a partner. In the future, we might have another team event so look for new CodeJam announcements.

Why can't one change their username?
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Email [email protected] about a username change.

Number Next To My Name
posted to Ask by ChandlerMorell

This number shows how many cycles (points) you have. Cycles are counted by how many up votes your posts/comments get in Talk. These can also be described as reputation (stackoverflow).

Will you ever be able to search repls in repl talk?
posted to Ask by HarveyH

You can search repls by going to my repls, and typing in the search box.

Import code files to repl
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@PaulLeger Yes, you can upload a folder of source code, and make your students fork that repl in the beginning of a semester, and they will have one repl for the whole semester with all of their files.

change node version
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You cannot modify a language's version on if it does not have a separate language for the version (e.g. Python 3&2).

Python Discord Bot
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There are plenty tutorials on the web that would help you expand your knowledge. One of my favorite bots is Mee6 which is written in Python and has a lot of features.

👋✨Introduce yourself 🎉😀
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@ColtonKimmi You can join the Server and get help.

👾We're hosting a Game Jam! 👾
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@EmmanuelGkatong Please be nice to the community.

👾We're hosting a Game Jam! 👾
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@Heekup You can create graphics in Scratch, but you have to code the game on

Google sign-in dependent on Google+?
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Yes, Google+ is independent from the Google sign in, and will continue working after Google+ is gone. CodeJam Event #5
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@CallumThompson Yes, you have to make the repl for the CodeJam before the event, but if you want to write it in a different language, you can delete the repl and add a new one with the exact name but with a different language after the event has started.

Help please
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Could you copy and paste the code into a new repl? Discord Rich Presence Tutorial
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@freddyamarsden Fixed the link

Guide to Asking Coding Questions
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@ash15khng Added, thanks for the suggestions :)

Best resources for learning how to code?
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Corey Scafer's YouTube videos are a great resource for leaning Python. He makes new tutorials every day, and every single tutorial of his has awesome quality. Playlist of all of his Python tutorials:

Tic Tac Toe in remi a cross-platform Python Remote GUI Library
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Looks so cool! Will definitely make games with this!

Can't Turn off Discord Bot!
posted to Ask by DiordnasDarkunn

Generate a new token and change the code to the new token. Make sure you do not share your token by putting the token in a .env file.