Among Us
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Just opvoating cuz 5h project

What are the best languages to start on?
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Ok, thanks for all the comments I'm very great full. That is what i like about community!

Anyway I'm giving the 5 cycles to @EpicGamer007 He did do a wonderful description that helped me a lot. But I would like to also thank: @Coder100 , @fuzzyastrocat , @Duvangamer3845 , @hello4691 , @Haizi , @Name12 , @Whacko , @realTronsi , @HarperframeInc and all the others that comment in a future!

The question may be answered but i will still read your comments and reply to them! And if you want more people to see this pls UPVOTE!

A Python Tutorial, the Basics
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Ok, going to be hones haven't read it all because very simple but it looks very good! I

My chat bot!
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@k9chelsea2 thanks! also love how you don't upvote your own comments

ddoes anyone know how tomake wrods appear at the bottom when u run it
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If yow want at the bottom make a function:

def bottom():
    tries = 0
    while tries < 40:
        tries += 1

print('This is the bottom')

Tested this myself works 100%

Hope it helps!

Video device not found
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You should create a pygame like this:

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Python is a good choice probably, thanks to its automation

yall, i think im overthinking this, but i need help
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Plz don't call coder 100 just for his cycles, many people can also help you!

How do I clear everything that is on the screen off?
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To clear the screen do this:

import os


Hope it helped!

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@AlfiePython I will invite you to a an axplain

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THANKS SO MUCH! thanks to you I have now gotten to 100 cycles!

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IF it is in python you sould do this:

import random
possibilities = [p1, p2]

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in python?

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Ending the game at certain times.
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To end the use sys.exit

To end the game you have to use a while loop

How does this work?
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I will answer your question is a place to program online where you can share your projects, ask questions, and read/make tutorials

Hope it helped!

help with pygame
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@cmglj Thanks for upvoting my comments!

help with pygame
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@cmglj Oh those are the times someone gave you the correct answere or upvoted one of your posts

help with pygame
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I have come to help!

Here is a very good series of videos where you can lern: click

Hope it helped

How do you make a clear() function?
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There is a better way:

def clear(seconds = 0):

Then you use it like this:


Or type inside the parenthesis the seconds you want it to wait


Number 2 is only an example

Now you can make it wait before clearing if you want too!

Hope it helped

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@GEISTCODER If this solved your question plz mark the question as answered

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@GEISTCODER It is not clear yet

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@GEISTCODER In the future they aren't useful now

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Cycles is the number that appears next to your name. It is useless now but in the future it could be useful.

How can you win cycles?
-If people upvote your comments or posts
-If you respond correctly in the ask section

Hope it helped!

website no.1
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@tenkuba WEBSITE is not console you know. If you waanta website with python you use Dijango or Flask frameworks.

website no.1
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It's cool and all but not a website

Why has replit been so slow lately?
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I don't know but I have the same problem

Help / Advice
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Ok this might not help but if you want to learn cybersecurity there is a good website to learn called TryHackMe here is the link:

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thank you for my first cycle
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Hello! You don't need a you put the code) to share something.This is a tip. If it was useful upvote!