Weston Nemitz

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Ov3R10rd (48)
The Big City V1.3, a remake of the fishing game!
In this game, you are a new citizen in pixel city. You start as a humble fisherman, and move your way up to mayor. Good luck! Credits to Amelia Blackw...
Ov3R10rd (48)
The Dungeon Thief
Hi, I started coding a while back, and I made this game. To move, just press W A S and D. You can press N to restart your progress. Your goal is to c...
Ov3R10rd (48)
3D graphics?
Hello, I have been coding 2D games for a while now, and want to start the dev. of basic 3D games. Does anyone know how or where I can do this? PS: Wh...
Ov3R10rd (48)
I need help in a javascript project!
Ok, I have a problem with my game. What I need is for multiple lines of code to run, after a prompt is filled out. What is happening is because the us...
Ov3R10rd (48)
Slot Machine
Lol, I have not coded in python in so long! This game is very fun, and simple. It is about luck, all you do is spin slot machines! There is a secret,...