Owen Bradstreet

@OwenBradstreet (94) • UTC Portsmouth
I dabble in a few languages, but I am most proficient in Python 3. I endeavour to create the most complex, but efficiently written programs.
OwenBradstreet (94)
When will we be able to chat with others? Sometimes I've been on people's profiles and wanted to start up some sort of chat with them about a piece of...
OwenBradstreet (94)
Alexbot isn't sentient, or at all intelligent - but you can train him! Fork the bot and have a go - see how intelligent you can make your Alexbot! ht...
OwenBradstreet (94)
Cyclomatic Complexity too high?
I know that Cyclomatic Complexity is the number of different routes the user can take through code after a certain point (correct me if I'm wrong), bu...
OwenBradstreet (94)
Hangman - with a twist!
There are two modes in this hangman! Either you play as the guesser (1), guessing the word the computer has chosen. Or you can let the AI play as the...
OwenBradstreet (94)
Competition Classroom
This isn't an actual classroom. This is an area for intermediate to advanced python 3 programmers to complete challenges and even earn awards. Please...
OwenBradstreet (94)
Text Editor
https://repl.it/@OwenBradstreet/Text-Editor I started and finished this in two hours - leading me to believe there's probably some bugs I'm overlooki...
OwenBradstreet (94)
Random Numbers with Arbitrary Probability Distribution (Python 3)
So I want to generate a random number, for example between 1-100. I want the probability of 100 being generated to be way more likely than 1, going up...
OwenBradstreet (94)
Project-Mode replit.clear()
Any idea when this will be added? Will be fantastically appreciated :)