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I can't change my profile pic back to my old one since I don't have the old one anymore
find if a user spams (or try to)
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Why is begging for upvotes so effective on repl
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I used to tell people to upvote in my posts but I don't really do it anymore because it isn't that effective for me

Image to Basic
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Our leader:

Repl-Customs!!! (v1)
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Its down

100% Working html chat!
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The chat doesn't work. I opened two windows and I didn't see the message in the other window.

Quick game I made
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What is Replit's goal?
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The owner of repl.it (amasad) talks more about it here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0g6T6JKcUM&ab_channel=HackingtonsCodeSchoolforKids) but he wanted to create a platform that would allow anyone to code online without actually downloading the language on their computer and he wanted other people to be able to share their projects.

Moderator Warn
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Wow, they finally added a warning system

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Upvote this comment for nodejs support

Imma Leave this site.
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@CollinKunsman1 you shouldn't say it was rigged it was probably a glitch.

Repl auth
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What do you mean?

best chatroom on repl (probably) now with dark theme!!
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bruh why did you post it again?

I need Help. Why is my Rock paper scissors game against the computer not working?
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You didn't do anything wrong. The program is running perfectly

PYer you can help if you want
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@jeremykyleisgod ping him.his username is mat1

clear console ruby
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There is not a replit module in ruby, It is only in python.

The fastest React.js Starter Template in the world
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Does it work on nextjs? Plus I don't really see people ever make react projects on repl.it. we need more react projects

My code for a random number generator keeps giving the same outcome
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@niteeshtapre but why? you don't even need the seed function. The only purpose of the seed command is to make random.randit have the same value

Fun game
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@JohnStarrs i am a moderator

Unable to embed rep.lit
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The project has to be public :/

[UPDATE] repl mail: Email for repl.it
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Time to create a API

repl mail: Email for repl.it
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I won't use this product because it asks me to enter my repl.it username and password. I would use it if it used repl auth instead.

CyberChat Chatroom
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Not to hate, but this is really unsafe. Anyone could enter HTML in the chat input and it will render it as html

Edit: The owner fixed it I think

I need help please
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Moved your post to ask since challenge is not for this post.

My Post was locked and idk why
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It was for "misleading information" according to mat1

At Home Students Code Jam
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um what if you can't be on discord

Alien Talk Part 1
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