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Cool project! Glad you found a use for it.

ReplBot v0.1
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Cool! I was hoping somebody would find a use for it! Thanks for mentioning me for the original API. This is a cool and useful project, take an upvote.

Simple Replit User API
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Hey! The requests module basically opens up a webpage and gathers data from it. My first result when I searched for a doc can be found at Requests: HTTP For Humans
The API itself uses similar modules as well. Glad you liked the project, and if you have any other questions, please ask me.

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that code doesn't make logical sense. the position of the break does not make any sense. With some editing, I think I made it work like you wanted it to:

import spellcheck
feeling = input("Hi, how are you feeling today? ")
feeling = feeling.lower()
goodfeel = 'cheerful contented delighted ecstatic elated glad joyful joyous jubilant lively merry overjoyed peaceful pleasant pleased thrilled upbeat'.split()

if feeling in goodfeel:
  meant = spellcheck.comp_list(feeling, goodfeel, minsim=0.4)
  print('Did you mean:', ', '.join(meant))


Python Public Chatroom
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cool! I like the press enter to update log.

Superhero Generator
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Your Superpowers are Telekinesis and Dashing Good Looks!
Your Weakness is that you have a Low Self-Esteem
Indentation errors don't seem to make sense.
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Sorry that i already answered but it turns out i was wrong. The problem lies somewhere in your multi line strings you use as comments. If you delete those, the function works. Check your indentation in there.

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oh, i forgot to change the response after I had my username changed. thanks for pointing it out @GARFIELD1

int() function broken?
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You would have to use float(). An integer is a whole number, so it cannot have a decimal point, and the int() would not work. And by the way, int() is not actually a function. It is a class, pre-defined by python.

Please upvote if this was helpful in any way!

Learn To Code In Python
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Now it teaches you all of the basics of python. If anybody wants me to add more, comment below please. Thank you!

HTML, CSS, JS Error Pages
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That would actually be really cool. The replit team should allow you to make your own, custom 404 pages.
Sharing on discord...

A lot of things
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@amasad add a tag for being on the leaderboard. add a tag for the repl.it team, and jam winners. also add an online sign so you can see if anybody is on

Tutorials Challenge Results
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I am the FIRST!

Hurray! I posted 4 posts before anybody put a single one.

How Did YOU Find Repl.it
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@ArchieMaclean I actlually have a python shell. Here is a link: Python Console

How Did YOU Find Repl.it
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@hayaodeh Cool! I really like the logo. Did you end up designing it?

How Did YOU Find Repl.it
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@amasad Cool! Repl.it is amazing!

How Did YOU Find Repl.it
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@PAULX Cool. The prices of repl.it seem to attract attention too.

What coding language do you like best?
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Upvote If You Like Python!

What's your favorite thing about Repl.it? What about your least favorite?
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Best part: Multiplayer, Talk (Other than the point of the web site, these are the best extra parts)

New Features: Persistent multiplayer, subscribing to people, and better file writing!

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@pyelias wow thats amazing. it gets the highest score iv ever seen

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@bossotron13 that's fine! maybe I could post a tutorial on a game like this if you want it

A lot of things
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@a5rocks they should have it when you look at someone.

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@ebest no problem!